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How to Open an Aadhaar Correction Center?

Everyone knows how significant an Aadhaar card is to the citizens of India. Every crucial detail is now linked to your Aadhar card. An Aadhar card is used to identify you as proof. If there is any mistake in your Aadhar card then you need to correct it as soon as possible otherwise in the future you can face problems that you can avoid by correcting the incorrect details on your Aadhar card. There are many Aadhar card correction centers. The Aadhar Card correction center is a place where you can go and correct any information that is incorrect on your Aadhaar cards such as spelling mistakes in your name, incorrect date of birth, the need to change address or phone number, and update your photo that is on your Aadhar card. If you are on this page looking for the answer to how you can open the Aadhaar Correction Center, then I am here to provide you with every crucial detail you must know if you are thinking of opening a correction center. 

To open an Aadhar card center is not an easy task at all. There are many problems that you have to face if you want to open it. There are some conditions if you are under those conditions only then you can open an Aadhaar card center otherwise the answer is no. 

If you are running a GST Suvidha Kendra then you can open a correction center because the government has permitted only those centers that are any government agency or on bank premises. These are two conditions, other than this no one can open an Aadhaar card correction center. Everyone who wants to correct anything on their Aadhar card can go to either any government agency or a bank where the Aadhaar card correction facility is made available to the people. 

Requirements of Aadhaar correction 

  1. UIDAI certificate 
  2. Pan card 
  3. Laptop or computer 
  4. Aadhaar card 
  5. Fingerprint scanner 
  6. Camera to click photo 
  7. Eyes scanner 

If you can not open a center but you can work as an Aadhaar card operator in any Suvidha Kendra. To become an Aadhaar card operator you must be filling the eligibility criteria that I am going to mention below. 

  1. You should be 18+ 
  2. Good knowledge of how to use a computer or laptop 
  3. Must have an Aadhar card 
  4. You should a 12-passed person and completed your graduation 
  5. You should have an operator certificate from the Testing and Certification Agency appointed by UIDAI
  6. A person should be comfortable with local and regional languages 
  7. Must be worked in any enrolment agency according to the guidelines of UIDAI 
  8. Undergo the training sessions set up by regional offices 
  9. Must get verification and approval from the UIDAI Regional Offices before you can start working as an Aadhaar card operator in any government agency

This is all the information you need to know. I hope you have read the article carefully and now you know who can open up an Aadhaar card agency for doing modification in Aadhaar cards of people.

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John Oliver
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