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How to Install a Tracker App on Someone’s Phone?

Technology is changing our lives at the speed of light. Every morning you wake up, there is a new digital invention, which makes our daily life more dependent on it. You can start with your phone now; it’s oxygen for us. Our children are not living without this, the internet which changes our life now you can connect with anyone, there are many daily inventions that we can not count on our fingers. Tracker App

GPS is also a shocking part of our digital life. It helps us to share locations with our friends; now, we can click one button and find out the direction of our favourite restaurant. But GPS trackers help you find the only location you can not remotely track any other thing. 

Many phone tracker app software help you with GPS location, but you can also track their location history, social media, text messages, or screen monitoring.

Why Should You Use the Best Phone Tracker App?

If you are a parent and want your child’s safety, you don’t have to question why. You should download the best tracker apps in a minute. It helps you to track your child all online footsteps. You can monitor their social media, web browsing, location history, calls and messages. So you can also use screen timing features to lock the screen automatically when they have a bedtime.  

It can also find your lost phone in a second. So you don’t have to take pressure when you lose your phone. Only use an android cell phone locator that tells you your phone’s location. You can easily save your data. It helps you track the location of your children when you are not with them when they go to school or on a picnic. Now you don’t have to take any tension.

Tracker apps also help you to monitor your employees’ online activities. If he is not betraying you or can access their Gmail spy app, it is easy for you to check all their emails. You can track their location also, so you have an eye on them if they are working or wasting their time.

How to Install a Tracker App Android Free?

If you want to track your children’s location, there is the best way to Find My Device on their android phone.

  • First, Open Target Phone Settings.
  • Then Go Security
  • Click to Find My Device. 
  • Now You Have to Download Find My Device App From the Play Store
  • Then Open It and Put Your Target Google ID. 
  • Add Permanent Location 
  •  You Will See the Mobile Location

After that, you can watch your children’s phone location or lock their phones. You should have their Google ID to use that.

How to Install a Tracker App in IOS Free?

You can use an iPhone app to find me, a combination app to Find My iPhone or find my friends. You can download that from an app store if you have the update of IOS13 or up.

  1. First, Go to Settings 
  2. Open Privacy 
  3. On Share Location 
  4. Again Open Settings 
  5. Now Click on Your Name
  6. Now Tap on Find My
  7. Swipe to Find My iPhone

Now you can find your phone by entering your apple ID on the find my phone app. Or you can also use share location from the target device, which helps you track their current location. You can use this app on children’s phones to save them.

Install Tracking App on Someone’s Phone Remotely 

You can easily track any one location with the help of location tracking apps. The best phone tracker apps not only track their location, you can also use these apps to spy on social media. You have many premium features which you can use to spy on your loved ones or children’s phones.

TheWiSpy is one of the best tracker apps to find accurate real-time locations. You have to follow these steps to download that app.

  1. Purchase Their Budget-Friendly Subscription Plans
  1. After That, You Will Get an Email From Their Officials. 
  1. Now You Have to Download Their Apk
  1. They Tell You All Instructions in That Email.
  1. Make Your Parent Account. 
  1. Now Easily Download That Apk File on a Target Device 
  1. Again, Open Your Account on Your Phone. 
  1. Now Spy on Their Whole Phone.

Enjoy Other Features 

If you go for the tracker app, you can also enjoy its premium features. With a location tracking app, you have control of many premium features :

  • Screen Control 
  • Spy Camera 
  • Gmail Monitoring
  • Undetectable Phone App 
  • Access to Social Media 
  • Call Recording 
  • Sms Tracker 
  • Track Websites History 
  • Find a Phone Tracker

There are many features it which you can use for family safety or monitor your employee.

My Verdict :

You can use free tracker app methods if you want only to track location. But you have to use their Google ID or Apple ID for that you can talk to your children. So we want this for your safety. You can use paid spyware apps to track someone remotely or track all their phone features. The best part of these apps is they are undetectable phone apps, which means your children or spouse can never bypass them. They have no idea that you are using their phone remotely.

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