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How Much Do You Know About Power Cords? Let’s Discuss

Everyone uses these essentials at home and office. Power cords help you connect your appliances and electronic gadgets to power sources. But how much do you know about them? Do you just buy the cord from anywhere, anyhow? How do you know if the power cord you choose will work for your device? 

This article addresses the subject of power cords and their functionality. You will learn everything there is to know. This information will help you make better decisions when shopping for new main connection cables. It applies to all types of cables you pick, regardless of their use: for TVs, monitors, desktop computers, fridges, or kitchen appliances. 

Here are factors to consider to ensure your power cord works with your device as intended. 

1. Cords Vary in Standard and Types 

Ensure you buy a line cord matching the device you minted to use with it. Also, the cord should match your home’s power outlet. Various cords are ideal for specific equipment standards and power outlet types. That dictates their connectors and plugs to ensure only safe line cords are available for your home and devices. Therefore, you must also understand the market suitable for your electric equipment. 

For instance, the US uses Type A and Type B connectors for the line cord. The choice depends on your device. Type B has a grounding rod. NEMA is the standard configuration you need when choosing either of the cords. It ensures you have the correctly-rated electric connectors to power your devices without worrying about their performance, durability, and safety. If your c13 plug power cord is short, you can use a c13/c14 extension cable to connect to the mains. It eliminates the need for a temporary power strip in your home or office. 

2. Power Cables Vary in Electric Rating 

Electronics vary in design, abilities, and use. More powerful electronic devices use more power. It means their cords must have the matching capability to withstand the energy flowing through all the time. Using a substandard electric cord can cause problems to your devices or even fire accidents. Ensure the one you pick can carry the electric capacity indicated on your device

If unsure, consult a qualified electronic equipment technician. You may find information on the voltage and amps (current). Get a power cord with the same rating as the appliance you intend to use. Better still, get one with higher ratings to ensure you do not overload it and cause problems with your equipment. You may need your original line cord to compare when buying one from a local dealer. 

3. Cable Length Matters 

How long do you want your power cord to be? That would be easy, but it can be complex to answer. First, you primarily want to consider the distance from the power outlet to your computer AC input on your working desk. But you may want a longer cable to help you if you intend to move your monitor a little bit or change your working position. 

While a longer cable can make you more flexible, it is not always the best idea. The resistance in power flow through an electric wire increase as the line extends. Longer cables will cause more energy loss, leading to higher electric bills. Also, higher resistance through a line cord could lead to overheating and fire accidents. 

Another disadvantage of long power cords is the hazard of getting in your way when moving around. It makes it hard to maintain a neat working desk. Try as much as possible to use the required length of cable on your working desk. 

4. Extension Cords Have Limits 

Sometimes, you want to use your machinery outside or in the shed where you have not installed the mains outlet. In such situations, you will need to extend the power source to your working place. An extension cord will help bring the power source close to your machine. 

While this option can make your work efficient, you must understand the limitations to use them efficiently and avoid mistakes that could cause danger. For instance, you will need an extension cord rated for outdoor use. It is more durable and designed to withstand the elements and rough handling. 

Also, get the correct extension cord length. It is unsafe to plug one extension cord into another before plugging your equipment. If you realize that the cable is short, get a longer one. But ensure it meets the requirements for use with various electronics and machinery. 


Power cords are a must-have for everyone using electronics. Wherever you go, you will need one to power up your appliances. However, not every power cord can work with your machines, equipment, or devices. You must identify the correct type of cord required. Also, pick one with the appropriate power rating, cable length, and maximum durability. It will help you save your equipment from blowing due to current instability and fire hazards. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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