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How is the Installation of vinyl flooring for a kitchen renovation performed?

Is your kitchen old and outdated? Do you need a good facelift? If the answer to these questions is yes, but this is not the time to get involved in expensive and annoying works, read on because we will give you a great idea to renovate it simply and affordably: changing the old floor for vinyl flooring.

It is resistant, decorative and, in addition, very easy to install, and you can do it yourself in the afternoon.

The advantages of vinyl

If when you hear the words vinyl flooring, images of the old sintasol flooring in your grandmother’s house come to mind. Abandon the idea because today’s vinyl flooring has little (or nothing) to do with those past floors.

Currently, vinyl flooring is not only a perfect option if you are looking for a resistant and durable material, but they are also very decorative. They imitate different materials with great realism, from wood to polished cement through hydraulic tiles or ceramic floors.

A great option to change the kitchen floor with minimal effort and expense!

Choose quality materials

In the universe of vinyl flooring, as with other materials, there are many alternatives to choose from, of greater or lesser quality and price. And since it is an inexpensive coating, choosing a quality product that guarantees greater durability is best.

Vinyl floors are made of high-resistance PVC with greater density and stability and better withstand wear.

Infinite variety

One of the incentives to install a vinyl floor in your kitchen is the many different designs and models you can find.

You can opt for a floor that imitates wood, tile or stone. If you choose the first option, you will find numerous colour and finish options, from light and bright woods or white stained to the darkest and most elegant.

For industrial design kitchens, nothing like vinyl floors that give the appearance of polished concrete.

Suitable for wet areas

When choosing the materials we will install in the kitchen, and we must think that they must be resistant to humidity, just like in the bathroom. And not only that, but we have to choose coverings that are easy to clean since the floor will be subjected to continuous activity and get quite dirty daily. So easy cleaning is a prerequisite for choosing a kitchen floor.

And this is where the advantages of vinyl flooring come into play: not only do they not deteriorate with humidity, but they are also easily scrubbed with water and detergent. So you just have to be careful not to use aggressive chemical products or utensils that can scratch them.

Choose the way to install it.

The world of vinyl flooring has come a long way in recent years, and we now have various products within our reach to choose from.

One of the things that we have to decide is the way of installing the floor since there are several options.

– Self-adhesive. The vinyl pieces incorporate an adhesive on the back to stick them comfortably. You just have to remove the protective paper and place them in the right place, pressing until they adhere. Before starting work, it is essential to prepare the surface properly. It can be placed on any type of floor except carpet.

– With the click system, this is the same installation procedure as the laminate flooring; the pieces are attached through a simple system that makes them fit completely.

– Self-supporting. The vinyl pieces are fixed to the floor by their weight without needing glue. No surface preparation is required.

Choose the installation method you prefer, knowing that all three are simple and you can put them into practice without complications.

The work, step by step

Although it is a simple job, before installing vinyl flooring in the kitchen, you should know the process parts and the materials you need.

To begin with, there are vinyl floors in strips, tiles and rolls, although this last option is currently the least frequent since the Installation is more complex.

Depending on the chosen model, the vinyl pieces will have the shape of a tile, square or rectangular, or a slat. Floors that imitate ceramic, stone, cement or hydraulic tiles are usually in the form of a tile, while planks are used for floors with a wood look.

Depending on the installation method, you will need some tools or others. For example, to lay vinyl flooring with a click system, you will need plastic wedges, a rubber mallet, a cutter, a meter, a ruler and the skirting board to finish the job.

Prepare the surface

The first part of the installation work for your vinyl floor will consist of properly preparing the surface on which you will place it.

The kitchen floor must be clean, dry and level. However, as removing the tiles or the old coating is unnecessary, it will be enough to clean the floor very well, passing the vacuum cleaner and scrubbing it with water and detergent.

If the joints between the tiles are very pronounced or the surface is irregular, you can lay a special base that will also improve the acoustic and thermal insulation of the floor.

Once the surface is prepared, leave the unpacked vinyl floor in the kitchen for 24 hours to acclimatize.


Installing a vinyl floor is easy, even with a model with a click system.

– Start by leaving a perimeter joint around the kitchen of about 5 mm by placing plastic wedges.

– Install the first slat and then fit the second one by inserting its tongue into the slat slot and pressing down. Adjust with the rubber mallet.

– Repeat the process until you complete the entire kitchen. If you have to cut a piece, you can easily do it with a cutter.

The final shot

Once you have finished installing the vinyl pieces throughout the kitchen, it is time to place the skirting boards to finish the job.

This piece hides the perimeter joint and protects where the floor meets the walls. Remove the plastic wedges you placed and stick the skirting boards with a specific adhesive.

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