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Wainscoting with Knotty Pine Paneling

Wainscoting is a traditional way to accent walls for aesthetic and practical reasons. Wainscoting breaks up the appearance of a plain-looking wall and can turn it into a work of art. Its color can match or contrast with the wall color to your taste. Chair rail trim is applied to the top of the paneling to cover its exposed ends and add another decorative touch.

Chair rail placed at the right height protects walls from damage by chairs that bump against them. Adding them at the top of the wainscoting protects walls above and below the chair rail. This is important when the distance between chairs and walls is short or there are very active children in the home. Wainscoting with knotty pine paneling is an attractive and affordable way to complement walls in any home. 

Where Should Pine Paneling Wainscoting Be Used?

Beautiful knotty pine wainscoting is a flexible wall adornment that can be used in numerous places in a home or cabin. Favorite places to use it include:

  • Bathrooms – Pine is an alternative to pricey tiled walls
  • Eating Areas – Pine fits right in with a rustic dining area
  • Entryways – It provides wall protection from shoes, boots, and wet umbrellas
  • Family rooms – Pine provides a calming feel for children, adults, and pets
  • Halls – Provides scuff and dent protection to drywall in halls
  • Kids Rooms – Pine is easier to clean off crayons and paint than drywall
  • Stairways – Also provides scuff and dent protection going up and down

Wainscoting is an amazing alternative to plain and painted drywall anywhere you want it.

Benefits of Pine Paneling Wainscoting

Using pine paneling wainscoting made from knotty pine tongue and groove (T&G) boards carries several significant benefits.  Pine T&G paneling with the end-matching design is even better. You will be pleased to know that it is:

  • Durable and stable
  • Beautiful and strong
  • Easy to saw, drill, and sand
  • Easy to install with a nail gun
  • Takes a finish well

Knotty pine is affordable and high-quality panels and chair rail trims are readily available online.

What Is the Preferred Pine Paneling Wainscoting Height?

The rule of thumb for wainscoting is making it one-third the height of a wall. For example, an eight-foot wall (96 inches) needs 32-inch high wainscoting. This is handy when using eight-foot paneling boards because you get three of them from one piece and no waste. The chair rail will only extend 1 inch to 2 inches above it. 

The height is actually your personal choice and is affected by several variables, such as:

  • Tall windows that are closer to the floor than 32 inches
  • Shoulder-height to bring formality and elegance to a room
  • Rooms with 9 to 10 feet ceilings
  • The color of the walls

Think seriously about your home’s overall décor and the effect you want the wainscoting to present in any given room. 

What Color Should Pine Paneling Wainscoting Be?

The color of pine paneling wainscoting is again your preference. A few things to remember are:

  • Dozens of stain colors are available from very light to very dark
  • Using a whitewash stain is gaining popularity
  • Finishing with a clear coat only brings out the natural beauty
  • Each room can be finished differently to correspond to the décor
  • Light colors help make a room seem larger
  • Mix or match the chair rail color to the paneling and walls above it.

Find out more about how room colors affect our psychology and mood.

How to Add Chair Rail Trim

Using knotty pine chair rail trim is not a complicated process because this trim is already shaped at the mill for easy installation. Its design allows it to sit on top of the paneling for securing to the paneling with a nail gun. Saw the panels to length and make the butt joints with a miter saw. It is advisable to finish each piece before installation for a more professional job.  

The two favorite styles are colonial chair and three-beaded chair. Each piece is manufactured to the best width, height, and profile/shape to look great on walls. The pieces are hand-inspected to assure high quality and come in convenient lengths to reduce waste. 

 Buy Pine Paneling for Wainscoting Online and SaveQuality pine paneling and trims are available online at fair prices from the Log Home Shoppe. It is easy to shop for them and all our other fine wood products.

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