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Greyboard What Is It, and How Does It Work 

Grayboards were originally made of cereal straws, hence the name strawboards. Unlined chipboards, millboards, and container boards have all been called by different names throughout history. Today the standardized name is greyboards owing to its Dutch origins.  

These days, greyboards are made from several different materials, largely recycled materials. There are many more applications available today compared to its predecessors. This is due to their versatility, sturdiness, and flexibility. You can also get different versions based on texture, glossiness, and planned usage. Here are some potential uses, benefits, and ways to use them for various projects.  

What is Greyboard used for? 

Greyboards can be innovatively used in different ways. Here are some of the uses, but you can always invent more sues since they are flexible.  

  1. Mounting 

Artists can use the Greyboard as backing for paintings and drawings. It is ideal for protecting the paints and prints from creases and folds that may affect the quality of the final art. It provides a stiff backing on the board to ensure the painting remains uniform.  

Paints will likely make the paper or the prints wet and fold due to the wetness, mainly when you paint for long periods. It can be used for smaller and larger paints and prints as well as deep and light thickness. You can get greyboards of different sizes, such as A3 and A4, based on the size of the paper and the painting you desire.  

  1. Making boxes 

Greyboards are stiff and can make the best material for making boxes, especially those used for transporting large goods that can easily rupture under heavy loads. The boxes manufactured from stiff Greyboard are likely to maintain a shape and are more durable than other materials. They can also withstand weather conditions such as excess heat and dampness that are likely to affect the structural integrity of the boxes.  

  1. Making models 

When manufacturing models, the Greyboards can be an ideal option for the job. It is stiff yet soft enough to shape in different designs, and you can easily cut using a scalpel and other cutting tools. It is a sustainable way to make models since the materials used to manufacture greyboards are extracted from renewed products, preserving the environment.  

  1. Retail uses 

You can use the boards in retail places such as supermarkets and restaurants. They can be sued for product displays and other options, such as printing menus in restaurants. You can also use them as display boards to show directions, warnings, etc.  

  1. Stationery uses 

The boards can be sued for high-quality bookbinders and covers, especially for large books and files. They are also ideal for layer pads and making calendar backings. You can also buy glossy versions suitable for manufacturing board games. Additionally, Cloth stores can use them as cloth backing to ensure the clothes maintain perfect shape when stored in boxes. Moreover, they can be used to manufacture clipboards, ideal for jobs such as inspection or other field work involving writing while walking or standing.  

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When used as stationery, you should not write on them because the ink may discolor them. Due to the materials used in manufacturing, the ink can unevenly spread throughout the board, making cleaning difficult.  

Types of greyboards available 

There are different types of greyboards you can buy. It is typically either pasted or unpasted. There is a bit of a roughness to the unpasted version because it is made of a single-ply. Compressing layers of play, it creates a 3-D effect.  

The other category is based on grades and qualities available. Bookbinding and photograph mounting are common uses for superior qualities. As well as mounts and backing, the medium grade is used to make boxes and mounts.  

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The advantage of using greyboards over other materials 

When given the option to select from different materials, greyboards will be ideal since they are thick and durable. This material makes them suitable for protecting the contents stored. You can use them as the best protective packaging instead of plastics that are likely to pollute the environment since they do not decay and are non-biodegradable. They are also manufactured from 100% recyclable fibers, which are environmentally friendly. The fibers also make them lighter and do not add additional weight to the stored content.  

They are economical when used as alternatives to other options, such as paperboards. Additionally, they are cheap since they are manufactured from recycled materials and readily available products such as composite fiber. They can also last longer than other paperboards saving you the burden of constantly buying new boxes and products. Unlike other boxes, they have PE layering making them moisture resistant hence you can use them in different environments and store them even in cold places and stores.  


Greyboards have unlimited uses depending on your creativity and the intended purposes. They are more flexible, economical, and durable than other paper products. However, when using them, you should observe safety tips to avoid discoloration affecting their structural integrity.  

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