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Gojek Clone App Vietnam and Its 6 Must-have Features!

Do you want to launch an app that will up your game in the multi-service industry? Gojek Clone App Vietnam is the solution for you! Undoubtedly, technology advancements are pacing at a lightning speed, but this feature-rich app has proved itself to be the crowned head of the multi-service industry! 

Why is it called the crowned head of the industry? The primary reason is that it is enriched with advanced features that have turned the tables for many! 

Let’s learn in-depth about the key features of this app! 

gojek clone 101 Services

6 Mind-blowing Features You Need to Have in Your Gojek Clone App! 

From allowing your customers to book a taxi ride to ordering groceries, hiring a mechanic, sending parcels, etc., this app offers multiple services. But that’s not all! 

Along with offering your customers an array of services, your app must also have market-relevant features to make these services more beneficial! That is fundamental, right? 

However, with the Gojek Clone App Vietnam, you can let your customers feel the ease, luxury, and convenience of booking these services! How? Well, here are the features that will make your app a cut above the rest! 

Login with Face ID and Fingerprint 

Your customers can now log into the app without their usernames and passwords! 

By simply turning on the option for biometric authentication in the app’s settings, they can shrug off the hassles of remembering the login credentials. With this feature, customers with iPhones can log in using their Face ID while Android users can do it with their Fingerprint Scanning. 

Voice Instructions 

Instructing the delivery drivers has become much easier than before. Although calling and messaging features are present, voice notes can come in handy when you want to give the following instructions to the delivery driver: 

  • Navigation-specific
  • Explain to them where to put the package
  • Parking rules of your locality

OTP Verification 

Customer experience can never be overlooked! Therefore, to ensure that the services are exchanged properly without fuss, the app has the feature of OTP verification! 

Suppose a customer books an on-demand service on the Gojek Clone App Vietnam. They’ll receive an OTP ( a 4-digit code) on their mobile number or email address. The provider will then arrive at the service location and ask the customer for the OTP. 

OTP verification

It is only after the provider enters the OTP that they will be able to start the task! Therefore, with this feature, the provider can ensure that they are delivering the services to the right customer. 

Video Call Option with Taxi/Delivery Driver 

To make communication better between the user and the taxi/delivery driver, the app now offers them the video call option. 

Gojek Clone Video call option

In short, along with the in-app calling and messaging feature, your customers and drivers will be able to communicate over video call and clarify their queries about routes! 

Bidding Services in Real-time 

Bidding for services is a unique feature that your customers will instantly fall in love with. 

As soon as the customer posts a task on the handyman services, providers from the chosen category are notified. After which, they can start bidding for the job by making an offer. 

Gojek Clone Real-time service bidding

In other words, customers can negotiate the service prices with the handyman on the Gojek Clone App Vietnam. 

Item Name Searching

Scrolling and swiping through pages on the app looking for a service or product is just so frustrating! That is one key reason why customers avoid using apps that don’t have the search option! 

However, in this mobile app, your customers will be able to find whatever they are looking for with a simple search! 

The customer only needs to type a relevant keyword in the search box and click on the button! Within a fraction of a second, all the related results will be displayed and then, they can proceed with booking the service! 

Dear entrepreneur, these are only the top 6 features from an entire list! 

In Conclusion: 

Want to learn more about such amazing features? Tap to visit Cubetaxi’s official website. 

Get to know about Gojek Clone App Vietnam and how you can start a new business within 1 to 2 weeks! Take the demo app trial if you want to know how these features work in real-time. 

Get the app today!

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