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Glass Domes For Cake Stands | Different Ways To Use

Once you’ve baked and decorated a cake, it has to be kept in a cool, dry area. The best way to preserve your cake until serving is to place it on a dome-shaped cake stand. It’s perfect for parties since not only will your cake stay fresh, but many are also very pretty. Those who like baking would do well to get a cake stand if they don’t already own one. It’s not only for cake; there are plenty of other applications. Both reasonable and elaborate versions are available; pick one up for your next expedition or put it on display at home. This post will shed some light on the different uses of glass domes

Cake Decoration on a Stand

You don’t have to worry about carrying a cake all over the place if you decorate it right on the stand. Small pieces of parchment paper may shield the cake stand from drips of icing during decorating. The cake stand will be covered with parchment paper squares to prevent icing from dripping onto the stand, and the squares may be removed after decorating is complete. Make sure your cake can fit comfortably under the dome of your cake stand. Avoid having your cake and its embellishments squashed by using a too-small dome. 

How Long Does a Cake Keep in a Cake Dome?

Two or three days is the average lifespan of a handcrafted cake stored on a cake stand with a glass dome at room temperature. It has a shelf life of a week in the refrigerator. Even while cakes may be frozen, a dome is not the best option for preserving their appearance and texture when stored in the freezer.

If you want to store your cake at room temperature, do so out of the sun’s direct rays. Cakes that will not be served immediately should be refrigerated due to fresh components such as cream cheese icing, pastry filling, or fruit.  

Other Uses of Glass Domes 

What else can you do with a cake dome? You can use it as a part of kitchen décor and other ways. We’ve included some incredible ideas that hopefully get you thinking outside the box regarding cake dome use:

  • Charming Centerpieces With Cake Dome

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your tables by placing cake domes in prominent positions as table toppers. Use a glass dome on a wooden foundation to create a compelling rural appeal by placing moss, pine cones, and LED candles in the center of each table. Choose an acrylic cake stand with a glass dome and display butterflies, astral string lights, little plant pots, sea pellets, feathers, or antique tea cups for a sophisticated and modish appeal to suit your event décor. Clear small pedestal cupcake stands to provide a touch of sparkle and glamour to any table setting and are perfect for displaying LED tea lights or votive candles.

  • Festive Cake Dome Decorations

Use a cake dome to create beautiful decorations that add a holiday class to your home. Presentation eggs atop preserved genuine moss grass or assemble a natural twig bird nest with brightly colored eggs and a rabbit within a glass dome on a wooden foundation to spruce up your Easter display. Making a snow globe out of a cake stand with a dome, some Christmas figurines, and some artificial snow powder is another way to add a bit of enchantment to your holiday décor. Contrarily, a black cake stand with a cover may be used to display Halloween decorations such as carved pumpkins, skulls, bats, and spiders. 

Where to Buy a Glass Dome

If you still don’t have this useful kitchen gadget, you should consider buying it now. Bone & Brass has a wonderful collection of glass domes and other kitchen essentials that are aesthetically pleasing and useful. Visit their official website and buy now! 

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