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The Best YouTube Marketing Guide And Tips for Your Business

Although the general public can know YouTube as a video platform where they can spend their leisure time, the truth is that from the point of view of online marketing it has a lot of potentials. The truth is that YouTube is a perfect social network for almost all types of companies in which to implement video marketing. It is a perfect tool to work on brand presence and create links with customers.

In addition, video is currently one of the most consumed formats on social networks; almost 80% of the content consumed on the Internet is about videos, so YouTube should be one of the social networks in the eyes of your marketing department to develop branded content, create valuable content, generate engagement, promote the conversion rate. (Find out Youtube Channel Ideas Without showing Face) That is why we are going to tell you how to exploit YouTube to carry out a good marketing strategy fully.

How to create a YouTube account for your company?

First things first, and the first thing to get started on YouTube is to create an account and a channel to upload your videos. If you do not have an account or want to create a specification to create a channel company for YouTube, the first thing to do is create a personal Google account.

*Go to Google and click “sign in” to create an account.

*Insert a real name and surname, where the two YouTube channels that are needed will go, the personal and the business.

*Click on “create account”.

*Fill in the personal data.

*Access YouTube.

*At the top right, you will find your account avatar. Click on it. Then go to “Creator Studio”.

*Confirm YouTube channel creation to create a personal channel.

*Enter the control panel through “Creator Studio” and access “Channel” in the menu on the left.

*Verify the account to be able to access all the functions.

*Access the channel settings together, via the cogwheel button, next to “Creator Studio”.

Steps to create a company channel on YouTube

Well, once you carry out the previous steps, you will already have a personal account and you can go on to create your company channel on YouTube.

*Enter your personal YouTube account settings.

*Go to “Create new channel”.

*Choose the name of the company and categorize the channel.

*Accept the conditions and move on.

You have already created the channel! Now you must configure it through all its settings.

Advantages of uploading videos to YouTube for companies

In some articles, we have already told you about video marketing and why you should do it. In addition, we have emphasized that there are different social networks to choose from, so why should you record videos on YouTube?

Show your brand

YouTube is a platform available in more than 80 countries and is the main social network for video. In addition, more than one billion hours of video are consumed per day through this platform, more than Netflix and Facebook videos combined. And that is why YouTube is a perfect showcase in which to show your brand. 

The audience

This platform is an informative channel, with very high audience rates. In it you can find videos of all kinds from leisure, informative, instructive, business … That is why there is a very wide target within the platform, with all kinds of niches and users ranging from 18 to 49. So the audience for your content is almost certainly on YouTube.

SEO question

YouTube is the second most-used search engine in the world, after Google. So … Can you imagine that your company’s content is in both? YouTube videos improve SEO, as well-positioned YouTube videos can appear in the top positions in searches on both platforms.

For example, imagine that you have a company that is dedicated to baking, and you have a blog where you share recipes in writing and, in addition, you work on this type of content in video format. If you take care of SEO in your content, the time may come when the same search intention or keyword will show as a result an article from your blog and one of your videos from the channel in the first results. Something key for SEO!

Recommendations for your company’s YouTube channel

Okay, now that you are clear that you want to upload your company’s videos to YouTube, you must be clear that it is not something you can do easily. Ideally, you should carry out a video marketing strategy through YouTube to be clear about different key points. To make your task a little easier, we are going to give you some tips for your company’s YouTube channel

1.Get to the point. Unless the video requires it, it is important that you be concise and try to make videos of no more than 5 minutes. Try to keep the user’s attention.

2.Use storytelling as a weapon.

3.Branding! Take care of the design of your channel and your videos, think that the content has to do justice to the values and spirit of your company.

4.Create content that generates interactions. You can take advantage of the videos to generate debates or find out the opinions of your followers in the comments.

5.Use YouTube as a social network. Don’t just upload videos and forget about it. Try to assess the work of other content creators, answer comments, leave likes …

5.Direct traffic to your website, and to other social networks. To do this, use the descriptions of the videos and the links in the channel’s profile.

7.Work on SEO! As we have discussed previously, SEO is very important on YouTube to position yourself on both YouTube and Google. That is why you must work well the descriptions and all the data of the videos with the relevant keywords.

8.Sort content by theme using playlists.

9.If you do not see yourself capable of making the videos on your own, outsource the service and manage YouTube from your company.

10. Plan to upload your videos to YouTube regularly. Establish a posting schedule.

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