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Fulfill Your Aesthetic Desires With Our Eco-Friendly Composite Decking Boards

The materials for composite decking combine wood fibers, plastic, and adhesives. The resulting boards need relatively little maintenance and last longer than timber decks. They are also slip-resistant. The amount of sun the deck will receive, how flat the ground is, and how much privacy you will have are all important when designing your deck. Because it needs little maintenance and is long-lasting, composite is the most widely used material for decking. It comes from salvaged wood and recycled plastic. A binding substance holds the wood and plastic combination together to create a robust and thick material with several benefits over wood alone. Composite decking is here if you want a sustainable approach to enjoying long-lasting decking! Recycled materials reduce waste and make a replacement for wood decking. With our composite decking Melbourne decks, you can achieve a beautiful exterior. 

Is Composite Decking Eco-Friendly? 

Due to its construction from recycled plastics like polyethylene film, sawdust, and other wood waste products, composite decking is an environmentally beneficial alternative to other decking materials. Composite decking uses cutting-edge methods, aids in conservation efforts by lowering the demand for wood, and assists in the recycling and repurposing trash that would otherwise go to landfills. A durable, environmentally beneficial building material is the result. Composite decking is a fantastic alternative for homes with families who use their backyards due to its structural strength and durability. Composite decking often retains its beauty, strength, and functionality even after years of use and wear and tear from weather events and everyday use. Creating new things from recycled materials that end up in landfills falls short of true environmental sustainability. We are eco-friendly composite decking suppliers Melbourne. Call us to install decks on your property. Companies and manufacturers all over the world are using circular business models that let them carry out eco-friendliness at every stage, including:

  • Using recycled materials and leftovers of production again. 
  • Making the switch to energy-saving technologies. 
  • Putting in place closed-loop water filtration methods.
composite decking suppliers melbourne
Image Sources: Tuffdeck Australia

Benefits of composite decking

Given its many benefits over wood, composite decking is becoming more popular yearly. With composite decking, your home can have a hardwood appearance that matches your style.


Composite decking boards are produced with an authentic wood grain pattern to enrich any outdoor space and provide all the natural beauty of wooden decking in a more robust and practical aesthetic form. The decking’s stainless steel hidden fastening system keeps your finished deck spotless and gives the final decking a neat, consistent appearance without sacrificing function. We are the best composite decking suppliers in Melbourne. Contact us to fulfill your decking needs. 


Like timber decking, composite decking allows you to build a deck that meets all your requirements. Several colors and shapes are available for composite decking materials, making them perfect for almost all outdoor designs you can imagine. With composite decking, you can produce anything with hardwood, right down to the improved wood grains and subdued modern colors.


There’s a good reason why composite decking’s top feature is durability. Their overall strength and long-lasting durability are due to the hundreds of high-quality materials that went into their creation. Composite decks are strong enough to suffer high traffic, the weight of household pets and furniture, and other factors compared to other decking materials.

composite decking suppliers melbourne
Image Sources: Tuffdeck Australia

No insect affliction

Composite decking is less prone to insect damage than wood since it can suffer harsh elements while looking like natural wood. Composite decking is one of the best ways to fend against insects like termites and ants. 


Composite decks are one of the most environmentally friendly decking materials on the market. It consists of recycled plastic and wood. Making our lives more environmentally friendly is a hot topic in today’s eco-aware culture in our local communities and the national arena. The kind of things we purchase and their consequences on the environment have received attention from members of the scientific community and legislators. Because of this, some homeowners are selective about what they use in their outside areas. Contact us, the best decking supplier in Melbourne, for decking boards.

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