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Everything to Know about Warehouse Stacker Crane Manufacturers

The market offers a variety of stacker crane models to suit the requirements and characteristics of each warehouse, including 8 to 45-meter-tall installations, those with various unit loads (boxes and pallets), and those with incredibly diverse movement patterns. Likewise, depending on whether greater agility or increased storage capacity is desired, the stacker crane extraction system can be configured to function with single, double, or triple-deep racks. In this article, we will examine the many stacker crane manufacturers and types used in automated warehouses and their unique features, offering advice on which model will best serve your needs.

stacker crane manufacturers

Overview of stacker crane manufacturers

Pallet stacker cranes and miniload, or stacking cranes that function with smaller unit loads like boxes are two of the many types of stacker cranes that are available depending on the commodities to be handled. As stacker cranes for pallets are much larger and more durable than those for boxes, these two types of stacker cranes primarily differ in size and weight.

Each type of stacker crane can be divided into groups based on their structures, more specifically the number of masts, in addition to the types of commodities they handle. The stacker crane’s mast serves as its body.

The cradle, which consists of forks that support the unit load, is included within it. The bottom guide rail of the stacker crane is fixed to the concrete floor slab, while the upper guide rail is fixed to the rack profiles. In order to insert and remove items from the racks, these are tasked with stabilising the stacker crane and absorbing lateral forces. Even in -30 °C conditions, all stacker cranes are capable of operating continuously. Stacker cranes are outfitted with a warehouse control system (WCS), which performs the movements suggested by the warehouse management system (WMS), so they can function in both cold storage and ambient temperature facilities.

Different types of stacker crane manufacturers

Let us know about the different types of stacker crane manufacturers:

Twin-mast stacker crane manufacturers

Two vertical masts make up their framework, and in the centre of those masts is a lifting cradle that may be used to access any level of storage. They are ideal for handling high loads since they are more durable and resistant than twin-mast stacker cranes. Due to their agility, they can also provide high throughput. These stacker cranes’ pallet variant is perfect for moving pallets up to 1,500 kg in weight. Mecalux offers seven twin-mast MTB stacker crane variants that can be chosen depending on the needed height. Incorporated into this family is the MTB0 stacker crane. Despite only being able to lift pallets weighing 1,500 kg to a height of 18 metres, this model is more inexpensive and efficient.

Single-mast stacker crane manufacturers

These single-mast machines stacker crane manufacturers, which can handle both boxes and pallets, are meant to be as useful and effective as possible in installations with lighter loads. Mecalux offers up to five different kinds of single-mast pallet stacker cranes. These models range from the MT-1 for smaller installations to the MT-5, which may be installed as high as 45 metres. The height of the stacking cranes is dependent on the weight of the unit load; the lighter the pallet, the taller the stacker crane. So, for these kinds of stacker cranes, the appropriate pallet weight ranges from 1,000 to 1,500 kg.

Trilateral stacker crane manufacturers

Unlike those mentioned above, trilateral stacker crane manufacturers have a rotating head that enables them to remove and place pallets from/into the racks from three different positions: the front, either side and the centre. Contrarily, single-mast and twin-mast stacker cranes are limited to two positions of operation, making it impossible for them to, for instance, leave pallets on consoles at the ends of racks or pick up pallets from the ground level when in the front position. For warehouses that are already using manual trilateral turret trucks and want to automate processes without disrupting business, trilateral stacker cranes are the go-to solution.

Common usage of stacker cranes

Here are some of the common uses of stacker cranes:

1. In order to transport supplies, equipment, and items between and within spaces in warehouses and other storage facilities, stacker cranes are frequently utilised. They are far more adaptable than forklifts and conveyor systems since they are not as constrained by aisle size.

2. Molten materials must frequently be stored, transported, and poured during metal handling operations. If the right tools aren’t utilised, this can pose a serious risk to the health and safety of the workers. For securely handling the products, stacker cranes and other overhead crane systems are the best options because they are dependable, robust, and strong.

3. Stacker cranes are used in auto manufacturing facilities to lift, move, and place automotive components for a variety of tasks, such as assembly and storage.

4. In shipping and logistics facilities, automated storage and retrieval systems are commonly used, particularly in big facilities or ones that ship/receive a lot of items. One essential element of these systems is frequently a stacker crane.

The only way to organise, maximise, and guarantee the sequencing of your product storage is with a stacker crane. Because they are automatic, they boost efficiency by getting rid of mistakes caused by human management and regularly updating inventories. The stacker cranes enable the construction of large-capacity warehouses with an ideal volume.

Why should you choose the Godrej Koerber Stacker crane?

Stacker cranes are automated devices that carry out the racking system’s storing and retrieval of products. Their cranes are built by the best stacker crane manufacturers to provide you complete control over your warehouse operations, assuring error-free, efficient, quick, and safe storage and retrieval operations. Their own portfolio is created to satisfy the most recent market demands for performance, adaptability, and energy efficiency.

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