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‘To rent or to buy – that’s the question.’ while that may not be how the original Shakespearian quote went, this has become a bigger dilemma than Hamlet’s original musings. However, a large number of people are opting more and more for houses on rent because of the freedom and lightness that they provide. Moreover, in many cases, where one’s job involves moving a lot of living in a different city, rented houses are the only realistic options. If the reader is considering buying or looking for houses for rent in Bellandur or anywhere else, they should definitely first fully understand the benefits of renting houses over owning them.

Renting a house is attended upon by several major benefits. Some of the most important benefits of renting a house are listed and discussed below:

Renting a house is cheaper than buying one

The first and one of the most important benefits of renting a house is that it is cheaper than buying one. Often people don’t have the money to buy a house and must go for EMIs. These EMIs come out to be more than the rent of a similar place in most cases – and one has to enter into the promise of paying them for a longer period of time. Moreover, EMIs, particularly those at the beginning of a loan, also have a high component of interest – thus, after paying many EMIs, one realizes that one has only paid a small fraction of the original principal.

  • Renting a house can also help one avoid many kinds of charges and taxes.

Renting a house also has lower documentation charges, and there are fewer taxes to be paid (such as property tax on the house, capital gain tax if one were to sell the house, etc.). Besides financial savings, it also saves one from having to deal with red tape.

  • Renting a house gives one a sense of freedom.

The next major perk of renting a house is that it gives one a sense of freedom. At any point, one can just pack up and leave with only a month’s advance notice. The rent can as easily be paid elsewhere. If one had owned the place, the rent would at the new place be an additional cost and demotivate one from moving freely. Another sense in which one enjoys this freedom is that one can invite one’s friends over any time one wishes, and there will be no one to object.

  • Renting a house is better than renting a flat.

Renting a house is also much better than renting a flat in that one has open access to the whole house, including the rooftop. One may also have a garden, and there can be no competition for parking space. Moreover, houses have fewer restrictions than flats, and people living in them enjoy more freedom.

  • Renting a house is better than PG.

While a PG house may provide ready furniture and furnishings, which is not always the case with a rented house – the same comes at the cost of freedom of movement and other restrictions, including not having the option of one’s own kitchen. If one can bear the initial expenses of making a house livable, it is definitely a far superior option to a PG.

  • Renting a house gives one a feeling of being home.

While nothing can replace the home, renting a house can at least create a similar feeling over some time. That is not always the case if one is living in a restricted PG room or a very small flat.

The Bottom Line

One can easily wrap up the above discussion by concluding that renting a house is a much superior option to buying one. Moreover, there are several houses for rent in Bellandur Bangalore and other areas which can be easily rented. The following tips are recommended to those looking to rent a house:

  • One can consult a property dealer or use mobile apps meant for the purpose of finding a house to rent.
  • One should check the locality in which one is renting a house for various considerations such as security and proximity of amenities like schools, hospitals, etc.
  • One should consider the amount of area in which a house is built.
  • One should check for the parking facilities provided.
  • One should note whether the house has electric and water furnishings.
  • One should check whether the walls are white-washed or painted.
  • One should check whether the house is spacious enough.
  • One should read the contract carefully and consider various terms and conditions contained in it carefully.
  • One should ensure that there won’t be any hidden expenses.

If the reader is able to ensure to take the above-mentioned tips, they are sure to get a good house for rent.

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