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How Do I Log into Another Facebook Account?

Facebook is one of the Meta Platforms and an American Multinational Technology. It’s the most used social media platform by people of all ages and even those who are not tech-geeks. It has simple and easy features that make it convenient to use and post images and videos and uploading of stories that are only visible for 24 hours.

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How to Quickly Switch Between Facebook Accounts?

While logged into the user’s Facebook Account,

  • Select On the “Account button” which is next to the Notifications button and wait for the page to open 
  • Select Switch Accounts, then choose Log Into Another Account.
  • Enter the username and password and then click on Log in.
  • It is advisable to tick on the option”Remember my password” when logging out, it helps in switching accounts smoothly without asking for a password again and again.
  • Users can also avoid the above option in case of maintaining privacy and for security purposes. They have to enter the password every time they switch accounts.

After clicking on the Switch Accounts button, users can see both accounts. 

Stay Secure When Switching Facebook Accounts

Users have the choice to enter the password when switching profiles, this feature is useful for family members and relatives, and friends who share one computer for login.

Facebook allows users to add up to 10 different accounts using the Account Switcher feature on every device and It also comes effective, when users have a separate Facebook login for professional purposes or business.

How to open another Facebook Account on a device?

  • Users can “Add accounts” to the Accounts Center from the Android app.
  • On Android, open the Facebook app or if not available install it from the play store.
  • When the app is opened on the top right of Facebook, tap.
  • Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy among other options then click on Settings.
  • When the page opens, at the bottom, select the Accounts Center.
  • Now click on Accounts & profiles.
  • At last click on Add accounts and follow the on-screen instructions properly. 


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