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Are You A Beginner At Facebook? Here Are a Few Aspects To Know Before Joining

Facebook has been the most popular social network for some years, but not everyone is completely up to speed on it. We also look at more advanced features such as creating an event page on Facebook and the privacy tools available for hiding photos, posts, and other updates from people who don’t bother to ‘Like’ them. People can also look to buy Facebook page likes for promoting their page.

What Is Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking site that lets you connect with friends, family members, colleagues, and people you work with. You can also create groups where members can share updates and ‘Like’ things they like. 

Facebook is free to use, but users are asked to provide information, including their names and contact information. This helps Facebook link people who might have profiles on different websites or networks. In addition, if your friends use Facebook, they can see information about you, such as your birthday and relationship status. 

What Makes Facebook So Interesting To Use?  

The ‘Like’ button is a great way to easily share updates with your friends. Simply click on the’ Like’ link if you want your friends to see the updates. You can set these up for some different pages, including Pages for companies, groups, or interests. You can also check out some of Facebook’s useful tips, such as managing your privacy settings and finding out more about Timeline.

How Does Facebook Know I’m Not A Robot? 

Facebook scans all public posts and comments to make its Friend Finder feature work. It also looks for a profile picture associated with the person you communicate with and compares it to the images stored on other social networks. 

Can I Use Facebook Offline

You can choose to have Facebook deliver posts and messages to you via emails or texts. This can be useful for keeping in touch with friends and family members who may not always have time to check their page or read their messages. You can also set up other applications or sites that allow you to ‘Like’ updates from Facebook regardless of whether your friends or colleagues have posted them.

Creating A Page

To set up a new Facebook page:

First, you need to create a Facebook account. You may want to create separate profiles for each social network. To do so, click on an icon at the top right of your Home page on the Facebook website.  Click on ‘Settings’ then ‘Create Page.’  Choose ‘Personal’ as your page type and give the page an easy name for people to remember.  Click the ‘Create’ button, and you will be taken to the page.

Next, change your profile picture from the default image sent in your email at signup time. (The image above shows my default picture. The ‘X’ in the top right-hand corner will delete the picture, allowing you to upload a new one).  You can use your real name or something more informal.  Add your location and personal description.  You can talk about what you do, when and where you work, etc.

Next, scroll down to the bottom of your page and click on ‘Edit Page.’  Choose how you want to receive updates from Facebook.  Facebook will now scan all public posts and comments to make recommendations. You’ll see a list of people who are recommended as being friends. Those with blue icons beside their names are people in your network (people you have connections to).  Choose who you want to remove.

For other people, you can either choose to send them a Facebook message, comment on their wall, or send a friend request.  If they don’t want to accept the friend request, it will remain pending and appear in your ‘requests’ folder.  You can then choose what action you want to take: accept, ignore or delete. Once friends have been accepted, they will appear on your list of friends and can receive updates from you.

How Do I Add Friends And Find My Friends?

New posts that friends make will be delivered to your news feed. Even if you don’t ‘Like’ the updates, they are still flagged up on your Timeline so that you can read them at a later date. Facebook will show you who is sharing your interests and identifies them as ‘suggestions’ on the left-hand side of the page.  

Choose ‘Add Friends’ beside the name of a business, person, or group, and then click on the green + button to send that person a request. Further they can also look for sites from which can let them buy Facebook post likes.

If they choose to accept, they will appear on your friend’s list. They can then post updates on your business’s Wall, comment on posts you make, and send you private messages. People who are already your Facebook friends find their Wall by clicking on their name in the list of friends or typing it into a search engine like Google.

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