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The Indian tycoon Gautam Adani has been named the world’s third richest person with an estimated $137bn and becomes the first Asian person to break into the top three of the world’s wealthy.

The only people who are richer than Gautam Adani are Tesla boss Elon Musk with an estimated $251bn fortune and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos with $153bn.


Gautam Adani had a vision for nation-building. He transformed India’s coastline by building a string of ports and logistics hubs. He also strengthened the country’s energy security and mitigated the urban-rural divide by delivering electricity to several hundreds of millions living in the hinterlands of India.

Adani boosted food security by building a modern agriculture supply chain and empowering the farmers. Each of his industrial endeavours has created tens of thousands of jobs.


The Adani group has come to be known for its scale and execution. It has diversified into two dozen businesses, many of which are among the largest in India. Here is a snapshot of its seven listed companies.

1.Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone is India’s biggest private port operator, with its 13 ports and terminals dotting both eastern and western coastlines.

2.Adani Enterprises is India’s biggest coal trader, the biggest coal mining contractor as well the biggest private airport operator, with SEVEN airports in its kitty.

3.Adani Green Energy is one of the world’s largest solar power developers, 

4. Adani Transmission is the largest private sector transmission and distribution company in India 

5.Adani Wilmar is the country’s biggest edible oils brand.

6.Adani Total Gas operates the largest city gas distribution business in India and 

7.Adani Power is the largest private thermal power producer in India.

The total market value of the Adani Group’s seven publicly traded companies – Adani Enterprises, Adani Wilmar, Adani Ports, Adani Green Energy, Adani Transmission, Adani Total Gas, Adani Power – has increased about ten-fold in three years to about $252 billion (nearly Rs 18.9 lakh crore)

Over the past 5 years, Adani Enterprises has invested heavily in new growth sectors that include airports, cement, copper refining, data centers, green hydrogen, petrochemical refining, roads and solar cell manufacturing.


Adani’s journey to the top wasn’t easy. He is a self-made billionaire. He had to struggle like anyone else to achieve this position. But he was also a visionary who has learned to seize opportunities when it comes. 

Here are the lessons that one can learn from Gautam Adani’s Business 

1. Taking Advantage of Upcoming Opportunity 

Adani is a visionary. He realized how important ports are for the growth of an economy.  Adani understood the potential of merchant ports and was successful in establishing a monopoly over the segment. Today, he is the largest port owner in India and continues to build new ports in the country and abroad.  

2. Diversification Is The Key

Adani focused on diversifying his business as the market changed. He diversified his business to segments like power generation and distribution, oil and gas exploration, logistics, port development, exporting agricultural and power products. He was quick to identify business opportunities when India’s economic philosophy changed.

3. He Has Never Stopped Learning 

He learned the business by observing trade tricks, which taught him the importance of demand and supply. He is a keen observer who understands where further demand can arise and believes in seizing the early opportunity.


Gautam Adani has emerged as the leader in infrastructure, a sector where many businessmen tried their hands. The group’s expansion has been fuelled by debt since it bets on capital-intensive sectors. 

Watch the Video to find out several reasons How Adani is Becoming Richer Day By Day. In the video, I have discussed how Adani listed companies’ share prices dramatically increased in the last few years. I have discussed in the video how Gautam Adani unleashed the potential of Green energy, Solar energy in India.

Gautam Adani is considered a first-generation entrepreneur who is driven by the core philosophy of infusing ‘growth with goodness’ through his vision of nation-building”.

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