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What is eCommerce in Bangladesh: Types of eCommerce

We know you have thought of having a business at least once in life. But imagine having a business without any proper connection to the marketplace or the consumers. No involvement in ecommerce. That must be a nightmare. 

Again, think of the same business with proper links with the marketplace and consumers. Now it feels great, right? Well, all the magic is done by ecommerce.

At present, there are a lot of ecommerce websites in bd. These websites use many tactics like google ads management, referral programs, digital marketing, and other techniques. Therefore, you will be able to drive enough traffic to your website.

Let’s know what ecommerce is and the types of ecommerce there in Bangladesh.

What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce means electronic commerce. It means a digital platform or business model to buy or sell items online. You have been taking part in ecommerce whenever you are buying anything online.

Ecommerce is pretty wide. Whether you buy anything from Amazon or do an online software service, all are into ecommerce. It allows us to take services online and makes our lives easier.

Gradually ecommerce has been growing a lot in Bangladesh. As new businesses and the digital economy are arriving, internet access reaches every corner of the world.

Most popular types of Ecommerce in Bangladesh

You will meet different categories of ecommerce services while dealing with these, according to ‘what ‘you buy and from ‘who’ you are purchasing.

According to ‘What’ You Are Buying

1. Physical Goods from Retailers

Regular items like clothes, furniture, accessories, etc., fall into this category. By browsing the websites of the businesses, adding products to their shopping cart, and checking out, customers can physically purchase actual goods from these retailers.

There are many ecommerce companies in BD right now, providing both physical and online selling services.

2. Businesses Providing Service

You can get online services from people offering special assistance to businesses. They can be freelancers, agencies, advisors, etc.

According to the service, the process of purchasing it varies. Some provide it directly from their website, while others may need direct communication.

You can get service online from companies like VISER X, as you will be able to receive their service online.

3. Digital Items

All the commodities you can get in a digital setup are introduced as “digital products,” including virtual goods, ebooks, online courses, and graphics. These companies fall within this category of businesses.

4. Wholesale Merchants

You can purchase a lot of goods in bulk from these sellers. They are retailers working for the brand, providing those specific items in the marketplace. If you are a seller, you must contact some vendors who offer goods wholesale.

5. Dropshipping

It is a technique to sell products online. Here, the shipping is taken care of by the suppliers themselves. Thus, the seller does not have to stay concerned about logistics and record management. 

According to ‘Who’ You Are Buying

1. B2C

When you buy any item or service as a consumer directly from a business, you deal with B2C service. B2C means Business to Consumers. You will find it most commonly in our marketplace.

2. D2C

D2C explains Direct to Consumer business. D2C businesses manufacture their products and sell them to consumers. Here, you will find direct interaction between the manufacturers and consumers. It allows them to build a better brand with efficiency.

3. B2B

B2B stands for Business to Business. Both the seller and the customer here are business owners. These kinds of businesses are usually service or software-based.

4. C2B

A transaction in which you will have to add value for businesses is represented by the C2B or Consumer to Business model. It is a little bit different from the previous models you studied. Here, companies purchase goods or services from consumers, which helps the business to grow more.  

5. C2C

C2C refers to Consumer to Consumer business model. In this situation, both sides are customers. They exchange goods and services with others to communicate directly and agree on deals. Bikroy.com is a platform offering this prospect.

To wrap up

You can use the opportunity of using ecommerce for business anytime you want. No matter whether you choose B2B, C2C, or B2C models for your business. You can bring the best profit out of your physical goods or online service if you focus on customer satisfaction and your business. A proper plan and integrity will help you to ride the stairs of success anytime soon.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan CEO at blogili.com. Have 4 years of experience in the websites field. Uneeb Khan is the premier and most trustworthy informer for technology, telecom, business, auto news, games review in World.

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