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Documents You Must Know Before Applying For An Iceland Schengen Visa

Applying for a visa is easy. But using the proper documents is a thing with only a few considerations. Documents are a gateway to speed up the visa application process. Applicants must be attentive when making flight reservations for visa because one mistake in submitting documents may lead to further delays. Iceland is one of the most admired countries in Europe. It fascinates people due to its lower crime rates and great tourist points.

The more accurate the documents the applicant submits, the closer he gets to the approved visa. Every year, over a hundred applicants apply for an Iceland Schengen visa. But only some applicants succeed. There are two reasons for failure: first, they must submit the mandatory documents in the application format required. Second, when applying, the applicants need to check for the validity of records. 

Guide For Iceland Schengen Visa Application:

There is a slight difference in documents submission between the applicants if they are nationals of EU member states or non-EU citizens. 

The nationals of the EU/EEA member states only need a valid identification document to enter Iceland. In comparison, non-citizens have to go through a list of mandatory documents submission.

The list begins with the following documents:

  • A valid passport 

We all know a valid passport is essential for travelling to any country. A visa alone cannot take the applicant to another country. The applicant has to make sure the passport must be valid for at least three months and have blank pages for visa stamp purposes at the airport.

Other supporting documents needed for the Iceland operation process correspond with a cover letter by an Icelandic host, evidence you have the fiscal means for a trip to Iceland or a round-trip ticket, evidence of accommodation, and a dummy flight ticket.

Also, the Icelandic border officer will ask you to present the documents listed above at the Iceland harborage of entry.

For the interview and upon landing in Iceland, applicants will be asked several questions regarding their stay, purpose, and visit to Iceland. Applicants have to answer all the questions smartly, as the visa officer judges them on their responses. 

Here are a few examples of similarly asked questions:  

  • What is your purpose for visiting Iceland? 
  • How long are you willing to stay in Iceland? 
  • Where are you going to stay in Iceland? 

Upon checking your documents, the border officer will decide if you can enter Iceland. Before leaving the airport, the applicant must re-check his documents/passport for stamps. If the visa stamps are not on the passport, the applicant must be charged. 

Documents Are As Follows:

  • The process begins with the visa application form. The applicant has to download, fill the form in block letters and check all the fields. Remember to sign the document.
  • Passport photos have to be in accordance with the Icelandic Schengen visa application requirements.
  • The applicant has to submit a valid passport, which is at most ten times and has a validity of three further months beyond your planned stay in the Schengen Area. Also it should also have at least two blank runners for the Icelandic delegacy/ consulate to fix the visa.
  • When travelling to every other Schengen country, the applicant must purchase health insurance covering medical emergencies in Iceland and the whole Schengen territory.
  • A dummy ticket for visa application is always required when you submit your visa application.
  • Proof of accommodation is a necessary part of the visa application, which indicates the staying arrangements are made. Upon landing in Iceland, the applicant has the space to stay during the trip.
  • The applicant must also submit proof of sufficient financial means for the stay in Iceland.
  • A cover letter is mandatory for visa application because it tells the visa officer that the applicant is responsible and mature enough to grant him a visa. Upon his purpose being fulfilled, he will return back to his homeland without fail.

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