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DIY: How to Make Your Own Electric Penny Board

Nowadays, Electric skateboards are popping up everywhere. They are amazing, convenient, lightweight, and compact enough to store at work when you get there. It’s still going to cost you money to source the parts, but if you look at the price of electric skateboards that can be used for commuting. Why spend a lot of money on a board that may not be up to snuff? Let’s cut down the price, make it unique, and make it faster than what’s out there. Here is your guide to creating a DIY electric penny board:

Gathering The Goods

Before determining to make your DIY electric penny board, there are some different ways you can go about it. You are able to get an electric skateboard kit with everything you require but a deck. You could go another route and get a pre-packaged device. Or you could price shop and collect the parts from various sources. But before getting into this, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Selecting the correct deck
  • Accurately mounting the motor to the deck.
  • Single or dual motor
  • Selecting the right battery
  • Setting up the wheels and driving the pulley.
  • What you’re planning to use as a controller
  • How to calibrate the said controller

Board And Hardware

The first thing you have to choose is the deck. It’s highly suggested to go with a longboard deck rather than a skateboard because you will get more stability, a smoother ride, and more space for additional hardware. You can opt for flat or slightly concave decks. Consider 28”-30” in length and about 5-7 ply. Since you’re adding more weight to the battery pack and electrical components, you might not want to make your penny board extremely heavy. Next, the materials must be more on the solid side though slightly flexible. You also need top-mounted instead of drop-through trucks.

In terms of trucks, be careful of the design and shape. You’ll need the space needed for mounting the motor and battery pack. For the wheels, you can find that some bundles include them. Choose large wheels to pass over cracks and other debris without jostling you.

Electrical Components

Most electric skateboard riders will be satisfied with the performance of a single motor. A couple of motor designs on the market are single and dual motors. A single-motor setup costs less and is suitable for flat-road commuting.

Double motors provide much more speed and power (and drain batteries fairly quickly). Some of the benefits of dual motors include increased traction, longevity, and braking power as the motor wears out less quickly. The cost of this is also more than a single motor setup, so take that into consideration. Appropriate motors require high power and torque. Make sure you buy a kit with the motor mount, motor pulley, trucks, belt, wheels, bearings, spacers, drive wheel pulley, risers, and other deck hardware.

Remote Controller

This is probably the most challenging part because if you aren’t using a motor and matching controller set, you have to find a controller that comes in very high amps. Generally, this is identified by an HV in the item name. Be sure to get the best quality one, as inexpensive controllers will burn out fast. Other ways that have come out successful are utilizing wireless Wii controllers and smartphones with Bluetooth abilities.

We hope this article will help you to make your own electric penny board. Click here to check more about electric penny boards.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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