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Desert Safari Dubai | Enjoy Best Desert Adventure in Dubai

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai:

Your heart rate may increase when you get close to the sand dunes of Desert Safari Dubai. After you let the air out of the tires and put on the safety harness, an experienced dune rider will be in charge of your life. Within minutes, the engine of the Land Cruiser starts to sound like an airplane taking off, and the displays begin to make sounds like cats and dogs falling.

Your car will have just gone up a 75- to 80-degree slope on the soft sand, and in the next second, it will crash down a nearly 90-degree slope, making you scream in terror. During Desert Safari Dubai, when the car stops on a sand cliff, the center of the chassis will rock back and forth as the four-wheel drive does its job. Your groin will give you the chills.

Between 3:15 and 4:00 p.m., if you need something from Desert Safari Dubai or Sharjah, you can pick up your four-wheel drive car anywhere in the park. On Al Awir Road, it takes about 30 minutes to drive through the Desert.

You can make dune driving, sunset photography, camel rides, henna painting, Arabic coffee, fresh dates, photo opportunities in traditional dress, a free-flowing open bar with drinks like tea, coffee, and water, and a B.B.Q. Feast cooked over an open fire (vegetarian food also available on request)

Even though it’s unlikely that a car will roll over in the Desert, we put roll cages in each one for the safety of our customers. Everyone who is on board has a seat belt. Land Cruisers with four-wheel drive take us on safari. All our vehicles and the people who ride in them have full insurance.

Desert safari in Dubai with a night’s stay:

You shouldn’t pass up this Desert Safari Dubai Tour opportunity if you’re a fan of the outdoors. People who ate dinner at camp instead of going dune bashing with you will leave at some point. When night comes and you light the campfire, you’ll feel the same uneasy feeling that Arab Bedouin travelers have felt for thousands of years.

You’ll want to stay in bed because it’s cool in the morning, but you’ll have to get up quickly to get the best picture. At first light, the Desert was beautiful. This safari, an extension of the midnight desert safari, needs at least six people.

Between 3:15 and 4:00 p.m., a 4×4 car will pick you up wherever you are in Dubai or Sharjah. A 20–30 minute Desert Safari Dubai drive along Al Awir Road, dune driving, sunset photos, camel rides, belly dancing, a bar, henna tattoos, shishas, Arabic coffee, fresh dates, pictures of guests dressed in traditional clothing, free refills on soft drinks, tea, coffee, and mineral water, and a buffet dinner and B.B.Q.

Vegetarian choices offer, and everything cooks over an open fire. Sleeping bags, a bathroom, a delicious breakfast of bread, jam, eggs, and juice, and a return to the hotel at 8:30 the following day are all included in this camping trip.

Essential Information

Toilet paper and towels are all you’ll need. There isn’t much room in our vehicles, so don’t pack too much. While we recommend spending your first night in Desert Safari Dubai at the camp, if you decide to stay in a hotel, we ask that you leave everything except the minimal essentials in your room. Keep in mind that the Desert lacks power. Therefore your electrical devices should remain at the hotel.

To get to the desert camp, a 4×4 vehicle will pick you up in Dubai or Sharjah at about 7 p.m. and use a back path that skirts the dunes. This evening’s Desert Safari Dubai activities include an endless supply of soft drinks, tea, coffee, and mineral water, a buffet meal, and a B.B.Q. under the stars (vegetarian food is available upon request). We need a minimum of four people for our trip to go ahead.

Dubai Desert Safari Package – Morning:

In such a case, you should reserve your spot on the Desert Safari Dubai right away in the morning. We’ll come to get you from your hotel as early as 9 in the morning and drive you out to the Desert for a thrilling 20 minutes of dune bashing. After that, we have a Quad bike, a camel ride, and sand skates available for 15 minutes each. You can drink as much water and soft drinks as you want for free during the safari.

Before lunch, you’ll have two hours to return to the hotel and clean up. We can’t go on this safari unless at least three of us are there. If you want to know more, please call or email us. In our photo archive, you can see pictures of people off-roading on dunes and quad bikes.

Get up early and join the safari. At 9 a.m., we’ll pick you up at your hotel and take you to Desert Safari Dubai. Before returning to base camp, our professional drivers will take you dune bashing for 20 minutes. You can do fun things at the camp, like ride a camel, sand ski, and ride a quad. You might get free water and soda at the camp. The car will then take you to your hotel. The event will last for about 2 hours.


  • Pick up and drop off from the hotel
  • Clean and air-conditioned 4×4 Land Cruiser Dune Bashing Session for 40 Minutes
  • Camel Ride Desert View Point – Photo Point Sandboarding

Additional Picks (Paid)

  • Quad Bike: 20 minutes inside the Circle
  • Water and soft drinks are available in a private 4×4 vehicle.
  • Horse Ride


  • Time of Pickup: 7:00 to 7:30 a.m.
  • Time to drop off: 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
  • Total time: 4:00 hours (Approx.)

Payment Terms

  • Cash Payments – At the Time of Pickup

Desert Safari Dubai takes you through beautiful places, so bring your camera. Also, it’s best to wear casual clothes and not worry about jewelry or watches. You should check out the belly dancer and Arabic coffee at the camp.

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