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The Canada Visa for Romania and Slovakia citizens offers convenience, as well as the security that comes with a visa. Romania and Slovakia are countries in the Council of Europe. This means that they have certain rights and protections as a member of the European Union. To get a Romanian or Slovak visa, you will need to submit your application to both countries’ governments. You will also need to provide evidence of your bona fides as an inhabitant of either country. Frequent travelers to either Romania or Slovakia can save time by applying for visas online.


Romania and Slovakia are countries in the European Union, and as such, they are able to receive visas on a reciprocal basis. This allows Romanians and Slovaks to travel to their respective countries without a visa, making it easier for them to get both jobs and family benefits. This is an excellent opportunity for those looking to travel to countries in the EU for work or study.


CANADA VISA FOR ROMANIA CITIZENS can apply for visas on their own behalf, or through an intermediary. This allows people to visit their countries and enjoy an excellent quality of life while avoiding bureaucratic hassle. The process typically takes around two weeks, so it’s a convenient way to see your friends and family.

Canada Visa Validation Period

The Romanian and Slovak visas are both valid for a period of three months. They can be used together, or separately. The visas must be issued by the same authority. The visa costs €60 and it is valid for a single visit to Romania or Slovakia.

The Slovak Embassy in Ottawa offers a Visa Arrival service for Romanian citizens who have arrived in the country before 1 January 2009. This service allows you to directly enter Slovakia without first having obtained a visa from your home country. If you have arrived after that date, you will need to apply for a visa at the Slovak Embassy in Ottawa before arrival.

Holders Of A Canada Visa May Reside And Work There

A foreign passport with a Canada visa allows its holder to reside and conduct business in Canada for three years. Before applying, candidates must have lived in Canada for at least six months and satisfy all other conditions. The Canadian embassy or consulate nearest to you can help you apply for a visa. Depending on your nationality, there may be different requirements for a Canada visa.

Travel To Romania and Slovakia

Canadian citizens can travel to Romania and Slovakia with a visa if they have valid Canadian immigration documents. However, some requirements may be necessary for the visa application process, CANADA VISA FOR SLOVAKIA CITIZENS such as being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

There are several ways to get a Romanian visa, including through the embassy or consulate in your city or town. There is no guarantee that you will be able to obtain one before your trip, so it is best to ask around and be prepared for the possibility of not getting an offer.

The application process is generally pretty straightforward – just answer some questions and provide supporting documents such as your passport, driver’s license, etc. The embassy or consulate will then issue you a visa and send you back home.

Applying For Romania Visa

When applying for a Romania visa, you will need to provide enough information proving your bona fides as a foreigner. Included in this information may be proof of your onward travel plans and current residence in the country. In order to be eligible for a visa, you must also meet certain requirements, including being a Romanian national or having been naturalized in the country; having no criminal record; and possessing doctor’s certificates or other health-related documents from a Romanian medical facility.

Visit Canada on Romania Visa

The Romania Visa is a great way to visit Canada and Slovakia for short periods of time. Both countries are popular tourist destinations, and the visa allows you to stay for up to 3 months without having to apply for a residency permit. The visa also offers many benefits, such as access to cultural attractions, discounted tickets to restaurants and events, and a wide range of discounts on goods and services.

If you’re looking for an easy way to see both countries and get some great memories, the Romania Visa is definitely worth considering! If you are a Canadian citizen or a Romanian citizen, you may be able to get a visa for visiting Romania and Slovakia. To do so, you will need to provide an application form and pay the required fee.

The application process is very simple, but it requires some paperwork. You will also need to be sure that you meet all of the requirements for the visa.


Canadians can now apply for visas to travel to Romania and Slovakia. These countries have strong ties with Canada and are known for their culture, history, and food. With the right visa and planning, Canadians can enjoy an amazing trip to these beautiful countries.

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