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Everything You Should Know About Cameo jewellery  

This model is popular among celebrities and style-setters. Take a look back and see what makes this little sculpted piece of jewellery so charming.

Cameos were considered outdated until celebrities like Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker started showing them off. They were often associated with brooches worn by old-fashioned aunts, inherited from the raucous Victorians, whose loved ones’ features were carved in agate, mother of pearl, coral, mammoth ivory, lava, blue agate, and seashell.

No matter how exquisite the jewellery appears, its importance, glamor, and extensive history have made it a popular item among jewellery collectors and jewellery enthusiasts. This article explores the roots of engraved jewellery, how to recognize original engravings and the trends in engraving that contemporary artists have used to capture their heritage.

What is Cameo?

An inscription is a gem engraved in relief with portraits of landscapes, mythological characters, or especially female profiles. These hand-carved and detailed engravings are usually gold or silver in color and are used to decorate jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, pendants,mother of pearls, and rings.

History of Cameo Jewellery

Many early forms of engraving are related to prehistoric petroglyphs, which were used to depict religious figures and mythological images on rocks. With the rise of the Roman Empire, abstract artisans began to expand their use and depict political imagery in their artwork.

From there, Cameo Jewellery carving developed significantly during the Renaissance and Elizabethan eras, as noble women began wearing cameos to reflect their cultural status. But the most famous era of collection and distribution of engravings was inspired by the collectors of the Queen’s engravings, Queen Victoria and Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte in the 19th century.

Napoleon had many of these carved medals as ornaments for his wife Josephine and her sisters. Eight years later he claimed a gold crown for himself as emperor, and Josephine inlaid the cameos and decorated them with furniture.

What is Cameo Jewellery Worth?

Engraving jewellery values ​​vary greatly depending on the depth of the carving and the authenticity of the piece. A high-quality, one-off veil can cost upwards of $10,000; However, imitations can be very cheap.

How to Authenticate Cameo Jewellery

Since there are very few counterfeit engravings in circulation, a careful appraisal is important to better determine the value of an engraving.


The fastest way to know if your articles of clothing are real or fake is to check their material. Authentic carvings from natural materials and gemstones such as partial onyx, onyx, blue agate, mammoth ivory, coral, mother of pearl, and lava. In contrast, mass-produced fakes come in plastic, resin, or glass.


Place the inscription in front of the light. If you can look at it and see the design scheme, it is probably original and made of a shell. The plastic versions are not transparent.

Cracks and carvings

By zooming in on the carving, you can learn a lot about the originality of the inscription. Check for example:

Marks: Indentations and other marks, such as marks from carving tools, can indicate that they are original and natural materials.

Smoothness: The fake terrain is very smooth and has no appendages.

Sound: Touch the engraving on a hard surface. If it’s hollow, it’s probably a plastic fake. If it feels harder, it’s probably made from natural materials.

Quality: Usually, skilled artisans take great pride in their craft and pay special attention to the texture of the hair and things like flowers and additional jewellery.


You can learn a lot about the accuracy of the inscription at the base of the face. Several ancient engraved faces look to the right. Also, many fake versions have similar or very similar faces. It’s helpful to do a simple Google search for “plastic engraving” to learn about mass-produced rotary face models.

As always, if you are unsure about any of the above, it is best to consult a reputable jeweler to examine the engraving further.

Cameo jewellery Trends

With many vintage designs given a more modern twist, plaid is making a comeback as famous designers such as Dolce & Gabbana have added timeless classics to modern collections and catalogs in the form of modern plaid brooches and plaid earrings, necklaces, and more. Cameo jewellery is a timeless trend that can easily transcend age, as evidenced by the many designers who continue to reinvent their place in fashion.

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