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BlueeBrain Creative Digital Marketing Agency To Boost Business Development

The BlueeBrain Creative Digital Agency offers integrated brand experiences and marketing campaigns for brands. Their marketing campaigns are focused on creating powerful ideas that drive sales and customer engagement. Their work also emphasizes innovation and creativity. They also have a focus on educational institutions and custom music. Read on for more information about how these companies work with their clients.

Art Version

ArtVersion, a BlueeBrain Creative Digital Agency, has a diverse portfolio of work across industries. Its talented creative team works to create a web presence that will enhance the overall image of a client’s brand. The agency specializes in visual storytelling, digital marketing, and branding.

Iris Worldwide

The founders of Iris Worldwide have a diverse background in marketing, communications, and brand strategy. Claire heads up the London office and manages new business activity while juggling the demands of two young sons. Ben leads the agency’s world-class strategy unit and is passionate about building progressive brands. Harriet is responsible for people’s strategy and recruitment. She has extensive experience in attracting and developing top talent for the agency.

Kin + Carta

The recent rebound of Kin + Carta has transformed the company into three connected services. The new name is “BlueeBrain,” and the company aims to maintain the specialisms of each of the three agencies while creating more opportunities for employees and clients. The Chicago-based agency recently welcomed back former CEO Brian Burzynski. He helped kick off the company’s transformation.

Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard Worldwide is a global digital agency that specializes in Best of Breed websites, mobile apps, and digital marketing. This award-winning agency offers branding, SEO, digital marketing, and marketing mixology. With offices in New York City, Miami, and Washington D.C., they combine technology-focused solutions with creativity and innovation.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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