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Blood Pressure Measurement Using a Smartphone

Hypertension and hypotension are immense challenges in the sector of public health. These are also predominant heart conditions throughout the world. Early diagnosis and proper blood pressure monitoring are necessary to avoid terrible circumstances of such conditions. 

Various methods are used to monitor Blood Pressure Norms in intensive care units and clinics but do you know you can easily get your blood pressure measurement using a smartphone? Measuring your blood pressure using a smartphone allows you a cost-effective measurement of blood pressure. The article contains information on monitoring blood pressure using a smartphone.

Can I Monitor My Blood Pressure Using a Smartphone?

The traditional ways of monitoring blood pressure include a pressure meter, cuff, and a stethoscope, but the advanced way is blood pressure measurement through smartphones. You can measure your systolic and diastolic blood pressure quite easily through smartphone applications. Following are the few plans you can use to get the results of the estimated change in blood pressure

  • Apps that use the camera of mobile for blood pressure measurement
  • Wearables that use an optical sensor to measure blood pressure
  • Devices that use optical and other sensors for blood pressure monitoring
  • Devices that use collateral data

How to Monitor Blood Pressure Using a Smartphone

Although there are various ways for blood pressure measurement, many blood pressure monitors are available in the market. You can monitor blood pressure by using your phone, and using a smartphone is one of the fastest ways to get readings of your high or low blood pressure. Smartphones can also monitor your blood pressure by scanning your face.

You can press your finger against your smartphone, and your blood pressure is measured. The results of blood pressure can be seen on your smartphone screen. But you need to download a blood pressure monitoring application for your smartphone. Following is the list of blood pressure monitoring apps you can use on your smartphone for measuring blood pressure.

Apps for Blood Pressure Measurement

Below is a list of all the apps compatible with smartphones for blood pressure measurement.  

Blood Pressure Log

Blood pressure log is an efficient user interface with excellent features that make it the best blood pressure monitoring app. The results of blood pressure measurement are shown in the form of graphs and statistics. You can also capture and record the information quickly. It also monitors your oxygen saturation, glucose level, and weight. The best thing about the application is that it customizes all the measurements using descriptions and tags.

Blood Pressure Companion Pro

Maxwell Software developed the application of blood pressure companion pro. It helps track your blood pressure level, heart rate, and weight. It provides comprehensive data reports and allows you to share the recorded data with your healthcare provider.  


AVAX is a convenient blood pressure monitoring application that lets you track your systolic and diastolic ranges and daily pulse. It is helpful to monitor blood pressure according to its stages, such as pre-hypertension, stage-1, and stage-2 hypertension. You can see your data through detailed charts and meaningful statistics.

iCare Health Monitor

You can get the Care health monitor for free and install it on your smartphone to measure blood pressure and the rate of heartbeat.You do not need any external tool to monitor your blood pressure, but only your mobile.You might use this app anywhere and anytime without any restrictions.


The smartBP blood pressure tracking app is best suitable for smartphones as it records your blood pressure, adds ECG with tags and symptoms, and can be connected to an Apple watch. It is efficient for monitoring your blood pressure recordings and keeping track of systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It also allows sharing your blood pressure data with the health care provider.

Cardio Journal

Cardio Journal is a well-known blood pressure tracking application that makes it easy to monitor your blood pressure at any time without requiring any traditional blood pressure monitor. It records your blood pressure measurement and lists all the recorded data. It provides a user-friendly interface and lets you set reminders to check your blood pressure.

Instant Heart Rate

The app’s name gives the idea that it measures the heart rate instantly and manages your blood pressure records. Its specialty is the provision of unlimited data storage. You will find it a nice blood pressure monitoring application that never lets you down. It can also detect your low pulse.


Qardio is the best blood pressure monitoring application compatible with your smartphone. It tracks the standard and high blood pressure ranges and measures the weight and pulse rate. This application requires a Cardio Arm to monitor your blood pressure. Overall, it is the best app to measure blood pressure levels.

Blood Pressure Tracker

Blood pressure monitors the blood pressure trends, calculates all the blood pressure categories, and lets all users view the directions. The tag-wise measurements help you to manage blood pressure norms and maintain all the medical history. It measures your oxygen, glucose, weight, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The best thing about this blood pressure monitoring app is that it summarizes all the blood pressure readings, including high, low, and average levels. 

Pros and Cons of Blood Pressure Monitor apps

Following are a few pros and cons of blood pressure monitoring apps.

Beneficial to measure blood pressureManages high and low blood pressureMeasures heart rateMeasures pulse rateEfficient to use anywhereCompatible with smartphoneDo not measure the exact blood pressure levelNot compatible with all devicesSome claims can be harmful 


Keeping track of all the blood pressure monitoring services is necessary as not checking your blood pressure or leaving the high or low blood pressure untreated can be harmful sometimes. It might not be possible for you to go to your healthcare provider for blood pressure measurement and share your blood pressure details, so the blood pressure monitoring apps are best to use in this scenario. All the applications are not authentic, so selecting reliable apps can be best for you. All the above-mentioned apps are quite compatible with smartphones. 

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