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6 Easy Home Renovation Ideas to Get Started Today

Looking for some inspiration? We’ve rounded up 6 easy home renovation ideas to help you get started. Renovation is a great way to rejuvenate your living areas while adding significant value to your property. The best part is that renovations don’t have to cost the earth. While large-scale remodeling projects usually require some substantial investment, there are many simple home renovations that can change the look and feel of your home without blowing the budget.

Replacing cabinet doors and handles:

Kitchen renovations can be an expensive endeavor, but the good news is that there are always ways to breathe new life into a space without a complete remodel. For example, simple tasks like painting the walls, replacing cabinet doors and handles, and investing in a bold new backsplash can dramatically improve your kitchen without ruining the entire space. A spruce-up can be one of the easiest renovations to add to a home’s value.

cabinet doors handle

Installing Fancy lights:

Installing a skylight is one of those simple home renovation projects that can do wonders for bringing natural light into your home. A well-positioned skylight can help small rooms feel more spacious and brighten dark spaces like windowless hallways and bathrooms that wouldn’t otherwise get sunlight.

Fancy lights

By Painting rooms:

When it comes to simple renovation ideas, it doesn’t get much easier than a fresh lick of paint. Whether it’s a bold burst of color or a calm, neutral tone, a coat of paint can completely transform any room. You don’t even need to be an expert, but if you need some help, check out our painting services.

Room painting

Remodel your kitchen:

Not only does a backsplash add a dose of character to a kitchen, but it also protects walls from splashes and spills. Beaded board panels and decorative tile backsplashes are easy to install and can be done without the help of a professional. Even someone new to remodeling can do it! Use our step-by-step guide to learn how to tile your backsplash in a weekend or less.

Remodel your Kitchen

Custom-made kitchen cabinets:

You can either replace worn cabinet doors and handles with new hardware, or freshen up your existing cabinets by sanding them down with some paint or varnish. You can further renovate it by adding custom kitchen cabinets.

Custom made kitchen cabinets

Increase Storage Space:

A simple home improvement idea is to add more storage space to your home. It can be as simple as adding floating shelves and bookcases to your living room. Or you can go big with projects like expanding existing closets and building under stairs.

under stair storage space

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