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Birthday E-Cards: What Not to Do When Sending Your Best Wishes


Birthday e-cards have become a popular way to send heartfelt birthday wishes in today’s digital age. They are fun, convenient, and eco-friendly. However, there are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when crafting the perfect Virtual birthday cards

In this article, we’ll explore the things to avoid doing in a birthday e-card, ensuring your best wishes are memorable and well-received.

Avoid Generic Greetings

The last thing you want is for your birthday e-card from sendwishonline to come across as impersonal. Avoid generic greetings like “Happy Birthday, have a great day.” Instead, take a moment to add a personal touch. Mention a specific memory, an inside joke, or something special about the person that makes your wishes unique and heartfelt.

Don’t Forget Their Name

Always include the person’s name in your e-card. It’s a simple yet crucial detail that shows you care enough to remember their name on their special day. A birthday e-card addressed to “Dear Friend” lacks the personal connection that using their name provides.

Steer Clear of Over-the-Top Designs

While it’s tempting to choose the flashiest, most animated e-card design, sometimes less is more. Avoid over-the-top designs that can distract from your message. Opt for a clean and visually appealing e-card that complements your birthday wishes rather than overwhelming them.

Keep Away from Offensive Humor

Humor is great in a birthday e-card from sendwishonline, but be cautious not to cross the line into offensive or inappropriate jokes. Avoid humor that could hurt or embarrass the birthday person, as the goal is to make them feel special, not uncomfortable.

Don’t Overload with Emojis

Emojis can add a fun and expressive element to your e-card, but overloading it with emojis can make your message hard to read and understand. Select a few relevant emojis that enhance your wishes but don’t turn your e-card into a digital emoji collage.

Avoid Lengthy Stories

While personalizing your Online birthday cards is essential, it’s also crucial to keep it concise. Avoid lengthy stories or messages that might lose the recipient’s interest. A brief, heartfelt message is often more memorable and impactful.

Don’t Send at the Wrong Time

Timing matters when sending a birthday e-card. Avoid sending it too early or too late. Ideally, send the e-card on the actual day of the birthday. If that’s not possible, aim for the closest date. Sending it weeks in advance or days after can dilute the special feeling.

Don’t Forget to Proofread

Avoid embarrassing typos or grammatical errors by taking a moment to proofread your e-card from sendwishonline before hitting send. A well-written e-card demonstrates that you’ve put thought and effort into your wishes.

Stay Away from Generic Quotes

While inspirational quotes can be uplifting, try to avoid using overly generic or clichéd ones. Choose quotes that resonate with the birthday person’s personality or interests, making your e-card more meaningful.

Avoid Sending the Same E-Card to Everyone

Each birthday person is unique, and their e-card should reflect that. Avoid the temptation to send the same e-card to everyone. Customize your message and design to suit the individual’s personality and preferences.

Don’t Overshare Personal Information

While personalization is essential, it’s important to strike a balance. Avoid oversharing personal information about the birthday person, especially if it’s sensitive or confidential. Keep the focus on positive and happy memories, and respect their privacy.

Steer Clear of Negative Vibes

A birthday e-card is not the place for negativity or criticism. Avoid bringing up past grievances, complaints, or negative experiences in your e-card. Keep the message positive, uplifting, and focused on celebrating the person’s birthday.

Avoid TMI (Too Much Information)

Respect the birthday person’s comfort level with public vs. private messages. Avoid sharing overly personal or intimate details that the person may not be comfortable having in a digital birthday card, especially if the e-card is shared with a larger group.

Don’t Include Complicated Instructions

If your e-card includes interactive elements or links, keep it simple. Avoid including complicated instructions or requiring the recipient to jump through hoops to access your message or a related website. A user-friendly experience is key.

Stay Away from Excessive Self-Promotion

While it’s okay to include your personal branding or social media handles in an e-card, avoid excessive self-promotion. The focus should be on the birthday person, not your personal agenda. Strike a balance between celebrating them and promoting yourself.

Don’t Neglect Accessibility

Remember that not all recipients may have the same technology or accessibility preferences. Avoid using e-card platforms that may not be accessible to all, and choose ones that are user-friendly and inclusive for a wider audience.

Avoid Forgetting to Respond

If the birthday person responds to your e-card, don’t forget to acknowledge and reply to their message. Avoid leaving their kind words or gratitude without a response, as this shows your appreciation and maintains a positive exchange.

Don’t Overuse Abbreviations

In the digital age, it’s easy to get carried away with text message abbreviations and internet slang. Avoid overusing these in your e-card, as it may come across as informal or lazy. Write your message in a way that shows effort and thoughtfulness.

Steer Clear of Auto-Fill Errors

If you’re using a platform that auto-fills names or information, double-check to ensure there are no errors. Avoid sending an e-card with the wrong name, date, or other personal details. Such mistakes can be embarrassing and undermine the sincerity of your wishes.

Don’t Make Assumptions

Avoid making assumptions about the recipient’s age or preferences. For example, if you’re uncertain about whether they’d appreciate jokes about getting older, it’s best to err on the side of caution and choose a more neutral or lighthearted message.

Stay Away from Overly Commercialized E-Cards

Be cautious when selecting e-cards that are overly commercialized, filled with advertisements, or require the recipient to sign up for services. Your intention is to send heartfelt wishes, not subject the recipient to unwanted marketing. Retirement cards


Sending a birthday e-card from sendwishonline is a wonderful way to show your love and appreciation for someone on their special day. However, it’s equally important to be mindful of what to avoid. By steering clear of insensitive humor, auto-fill errors, excessive self-promotion, and other potential pitfalls, you can ensure that your e-card delivers the intended message of joy and celebration. Keep the focus on the birthday person, show thoughtfulness, and make their day a little brighter with your well-crafted e-card from sendwishonline. In doing so, your birthday wishes will be genuinely appreciated and cherished.

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