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Best Tips to Do Exterior Renovation in Your Home

With the arrival of summer comes the time to enjoy the elements that save you from the heat: the garden and the pool. And the opportunity may also come with exterior renovation by making a change that makes us feel that we live in a new space. 

We want to show you the current trends in exterior renovations so that you can renew your garden and so you can enjoy a new environment that gives your home a special touch. 

Ideas to reform your garden:

Nature and green areas

If your garden has enough space, do not hesitate to resort to the lawn. It does not matter if it is artificial or not, it will give a much more natural touch to the environment.

You can add small planters at strategic points and fill the environment with vitality, apart from providing freshness to the surface.

In addition, you can choose to incorporate areas with flowers, a small orchard, trees, or shrubs to achieve a much more natural and charming decoration in your garden.

Types of furniture and heterogeneous style

Decorate the garden with comfortable furniture that invites you to spend as much time as possible outside and use elements to create shady areas that protect you from the sun.

According to Orillia renovations experts,  to give a special and personal touch to your garden, think about combining the minimalist style with the natural elements that the garden offers you.

Mix areas and create different spaces by using different materials. To do this, you can combine spaces with stone, earth, wood, cement, etc. The point is to make this environment an attractive place that leaves the homogeneous behind.

Distribution of spaces

The best alternative so that your garden does not give the sensation of a certain abandonment or carelessness is to know how to use the spaces.

Avoid leaving empty spaces or do not use them as a storage room. You have to find the balance so that you don’t end up with an overloaded environment, since in this way, your project would not have the result you want.


Light is a differentiating element for the decoration of your home and, especially, for the exterior. When renovating your garden, think about how you can create incredible spaces with the use of lighting, especially at night.


One of the elements that provide personal decoration is hanging objects. Hanging objects in the trees or on the wooden bars of the porch ceiling is an original detail.

You can hang pots or works created by you, such as a birdhouse or any element that makes you feel in harmony and tune with your tastes.


This is an enriching element that can bring a lot of tranquility, relaxation, and freshness. The sound of water in an outdoor space conveys peace and harmony.

Therefore, if you can include a fountain or a small waterfall in your project to reform your garden, do not hesitate.

Pool renovation

Swimming Pool

And since we mentioned water, let’s talk about the great protagonist of summer: the pool. For some, it may just be a place to bathe and survive the heat.

For others, it is much more, since it reflects their tastes, their personality, or their dreams. Whether it’s saltwater, freshwater, or sand, your pool represents you and you may have been thinking for a while that it needs a makeover.

If you have a pool with adjacent areas of earth, cement, or gravel, we recommend that you change these materials, as they concentrate a lot of heat or give a somewhat more vulgar appearance.

If you want to reform the exterior space of your home, you dont not have to worry about finding the company that will carry out your reform. The Renovators of Canada provides kitchen renovation, basement renovation, and bathroom renovations in Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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