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Best Cookie Packaging Ideas for Powerful Branding in 2023

Everyone thinks of having a good time on holidays in the middle of a tough routine. You’ve been moving around a lot all year, but now you can sit down and rest. During Christmas or New Year’s Eve, the only thing commonly made in every house is baked cookies.

Pack them well before sending them to ensure everyone gets the best cookies. If you don’t pack and store cookies well, they get soggy fast, which you want to avoid.

It would help if you considered how you do the packaging when selling cookies through a store. If you put warm cookies in a package, they will sweat and get wet. No doubt that packaging will leave a lasting impression on customers.

Below we will highlight a few cool and best Cookie Packaging Ideas for powerful branding in 2023.

Use of Ziploc Bags

It can be so expensive to buy cookie packaging that you decide not to send cookies to friends and family. Because of this, it helps to have a quick and easy way to do this. Ziplock cookie bags have been used for a long time to store food items. They are very popular because they keep air out.

With the help of such bags, there is no need to take the stress of cookies getting wet. The cookies will go alright even if they travel a long way, which adds to their overall appeal. You can even send them all over the country without worrying that they will eventually go bad just before the owner gets them.

Putting your cookies in a jar makes you feel and look more nostalgic than anything else. It reminds you of when you were a kid and tried grabbing as many cookies as possible before anyone saw you. Because the jar is clear, this is a great idea, especially if your cookies are decorated in bright colors.

Just put a cap on it and write a note, and it’s ready to go. Your friends and family can eat these or put them on the table at Christmas. They are a great snack while the main meal is cooking.

We all know that the cookie jar will never let the air in. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about cookies getting soggy soon.

Putting various cookie kinds into a similar tin is yet the nicest Cookie Packaging Ideas for Christmas to give someone as a gift. Although it might be complex, it is a lot simple to do! You need to have a large tin along with sugar paper. Line up the whole bottom perfectly and use the paper to separate sections.

This variety will blow your friends’ minds, and you won’t have to spend as much money on other kinds of wrapping paper. It was cheap, but it looks like it would cost a lot.

Mailing Tubes

If you want to simply join in on the fun right now, the mailing tubes are your best bet. After using the kitchen roll and other round things around the house, you may have many cylinder-shaped cardboards left over.

Wrap some holiday paper around the tube before you put your cookies in it. It’s a smart way to reuse tubes around the house, and you can decorate them however you want.

Use Mason Jars

You can always use mason jars as cookie packaging ideas if you don’t have any cookie jars. Because they are clear, the cookies will stand out and stay dry.

Before closing it, you might need some ice paper on top of the jar. So, no air can get inside, and your cookies will stay fresh longer. Just get a ribbon and tie it around the top to make it look nicer.

Kitchen Molds

If you want to give away a lot of kitchen molds and don’t know what to do with them, why not put some cookies in them? You need to have a piece of durable paper and let it put inside the boxes for the storage of cookies.

Your friends can use this mold in their kitchen when it’s done. To keep the cookies fresh, you should put a piece of kitchen wrap all over them. So, if the cookies stay out longer, they won’t get soggy.


We all know that cookies are the easiest baked goods you can make at home. To keep them fresh as long as possible, you must put them in cookie bags.

The above amazing cookie packaging ideas are not just good, but they are equally useful. If you can’t think of how to package something, you could try one of these. It will ensure that the cookies are good for everyone who buys them from you.

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