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Best Car Rental For Self Driven in Hyderabad – Long Drive Cars

Are you residing in Hyderabad and planning to go on a trip with your friends or family? We recommend you go by road because a road trip doubles the fun of your trip as your will be witnessing beautiful landscapes, trying the local food at a roadside dhaba and many more things.

The icing on the cake will go on a trip in a self-drive car as it will enhance the excitement and will add some more positive vibes. We want to tell you that for making such a trip reality, it does not need to own a four-wheeler as there are various self-drive car rental services in Hyderabad.

Here in this blog, we will recommend the best self-drive car provider in Hyderabad. Yes!!! you are thinking right, we are talking about Long Drive Cars which provides self-drive cars in Hyderabad in various locations. So let us start our discussion and explore the benefits of hiring cars from Long Drive Cars.

Benefits to Rent a Car in Hyderabad from Long Drive cars

Your Privacy: Their Commitment

While hiring self-drive cars from Long Drive Cars, you will be expecting complete privacy in your car. If you are a couple and going on a trip, you must be looking for some private time where no one disturbs you. By hiring these cars, you can spend quality time with your friends, family and loved ones without compromising privacy.


Hygiene must be a primary concern for you and its significance has highly increased after the Covid-19 outbreak. Hiring self-drive cars would also ensure you maintain social distancing and you can be able to maintain the hygiene in the car as per your expectations. This self-drive car provider in Hyderabad will offer you a fully-sanitized car as they always keep the safety of their customers a priority.


You must be thinking that hiring a self-drive car is an expensive affair. No, it is not if you hire cars from Long Drive Cars as they offer affordable car rental services in Hyderabad. Their prices are quite low compared to other service providers.

Offering Wide Ranges of Car

Isn’t it depressing for you if you are demanding a Sedan from a self-drive car provider but he offers you a Hatchback due to the limited types of cars available? This is not the case with Long Drive Cars as they are having a wide range of cars where you can choose as per your budget and number of passengers. The types of cars that they offer include Sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs or any luxury car. Offering so many options makes them the best self-drive car services provider in Hyderabad.

Requires Minimal Documentation

It would be an exhausting task if you have to submit various documents before the start of your trip while booking a car. However, booking self-drive cars with this car rental company in Hyderabad is very simple. You will have to just deposit a government-issued ID of Telangana and your driving license.

Offering Services in Different Locations

You can rent a self-drive car from various suburbs of Hyderabad such as Kukatpally, LB Nagar Kothapet, Madhapur, Uppal Medipally, Warangal and many more.

Final Shot

After knowing so many reasons, you must be clear why Long Drive Cars are referred to as the best self-drive car provider in Hyderabad. You must be excited to plan a road trip in these coming vacations to gather some lifetime memories.

We strongly recommend you book self-drive cars in Hyderabad from this agency to add some more stars to the overall fun of your trip. You can download their application from Google Play Store and book the cars in very easy steps.

Quick Guide: +91-9000478478

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