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Air Conditioning Air Filters – How To Clean Air Conditioning Filters

These straightforward suggestions will help you maintain clean indoor air, improve the efficiency of your air conditioner, and extend the life of your air compressor air filters.

Although air conditioning devices don’t require much maintenance, it’s crucial to clean or change your unit’s air filters on a regular basis to lower the possibility of mildew and other common allergens being spread through forced air systems. There are many various kinds of air filters available, and while many of them are disposable and can’t be cleaned, washable air filters are now more prevalent than ever because to advancements in technology and related efficiency. In fact, if you’ve been using disposable filters, this might be the ideal moment to upgrade.

Why Should Your Air Filter Be Cleaned?

  • Enhanced Air Quality: 

Reduced dust and allergens.

  • Lower Energy Costs Are The Result Of Improved Unit Efficiency:

Filters that are dirty make the system work harder. It becomes less effective the more effort it puts forth. The more expensive it is to operate, the less efficient it is.

  • To Extend The Lifespan Of Your HVAC System: 

This is dependent on efficiency. The system might be damaged or overheated more quickly the harder it works.

Cleaning Your Air Filter

Step 1: Cut Off Your Ac System

You may prevent unclean air from entering your home while the filter is being cleaned by keeping the device off.

Step 2: Take The Filter Out.

Make sure to inspect all vents because some units may have numerous filters.

Step 3: Vacuum The Filter. 

The first thing you can do to lessen the quantity of dust accumulation is to use a hand vacuum to remove allergies. Dust along the frame can be cleaned using the microfiber cloth. The next phase is straightforward and simple if the top layer of silt and anything loose are removed.

Step 4: Clean The Filter.

Rinse the filter gently and thoroughly in a deep sink or outside with your hose, then let it air dry. If you need to give the filter a thorough cleaning, soak it for an hour in a flat bin filled with one part white vinegar and one part warm water, and then gently rinse it with the hose.

An air filter should never be cleaned with a pressurized cleaner; they are simply too fragile for any high-pressure hose.

Step 5: Reinstall The Filter.

Look for any signs of damage, such as holes, dirt that couldn’t be cleaned completely, or material rips, on the dry filter. You can reinstall it in the unit if it’s in excellent condition. Make a note of when the product has to be completely replaced by consulting any expiration dates on the item or its original container. 

You Can Clean Other “Filters” On Your AC Unit

In order to increase efficiency, the fins of a window AC unit can be swept or cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Avoid bending or squashing the fins together. The air is “conditioned” by the A/C unit using its fins.

  • Plug the device out.
  • In the same direction as the fins, vacuum or softly brush the surface.
  • If necessary, gently straighten bent fins with a butter knife.

An outdoor central AC unit’s exterior can also be cleaned.

  • Hand-pick out huge trash (leaves, grass clippings or anything else that has been collected by the unit).
  • To remove tiny particles from the device, use a hose.
  • If necessary, gently straighten bent fins with a butter knife.

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