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3 Common Sources Of Warehouse Injuries

Warehouse workers are responsible for a variety of tasks, including breaking down bulk materials labels, managing inventory, assembling products, packing orders, and loading trucks, as well as arranging transportation. 

Unfortunately, those who work in the warehousing or storage business face serious dangers in the course of their work. 

As per the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the warehouse industry suffered five accidents per 100 full-time workers in 2016. Here are some typical hazards which cause injury to warehouse employees.

1. Slips, Trips & Falls 

According to OSHA, “Slips, trips, and falls account for the majority of all general industry accidents. They account for 15 percent of accident-related deaths and rank the second-highest priority after motor vehicles as the leading cause of death.” 

However, as common as these kinds of accidents are, if you have the proper precautions put in place, they’re one of the most simple incidents to avoid. Falls from heights are typically the most severe of these incidents, but even trips, slips, and falls on the same platform can result in severe consequences.

In this regard, it is essential to ensure that employees maintain clean working areas that are neat and clear of clutter to minimise the risks that could cause falls, slips, and trip injuries. 

For instance, when a worker leaves their workplace, it is crucial to get any material that blocks walkways or aisles cleared away. If spills happen, employees must take the steps necessary to ensure they’re removed as quickly as possible and the area is secured from traffic till the danger is removed. 

Lighting is another frequently neglected aspect when it comes to workplace accidents. Insufficiently lit stairs and hallways pose a risk because they obscure the ability to discern the ground beneath, so adding lighting can help prevent accidents. 

These are only some examples of easy, common-sense steps that employers must take to prevent accidents, slips, and falls.

2. Falling Objects And Exposure To Hazardous Substances

The possibility of falling objects is an issue in workplaces that has shelves high. Even pallets that are stacked with objects can fall over if they’re not securely secured. 

When lifting objects, moving them with a forklift, and stacking them up, you run the possibility of injury to any person standing close by.

Additionally, warehouses usually have hazardous chemicals. The products that contain these chemicals may spill, as would the cleaning chemicals employed by warehouse employees. 

Exposure to these chemicals can cause health issues that last for a long time. Furthermore, flammable substances are also a real danger.

3. Pallet Rack Collapses 

Incidents with collapses of the pallet rack usually stem due to the fact that materials aren’t placed in a safe and orderly way. The collapses are particularly risky when they occur at the mezzanine level or on a higher tier, as even the tiniest, innocent object can be dangerous in the event of its being dropped from a certain distance. 

The best way to prevent a collapse is to wrap and stack the pallet racks, placing the most massive and heavy objects on the bottom, with the smaller and lighter items placed on top. 

Be sure to ensure that the pallets are able to have sufficient space between them to avoid collapse problems when they are accessed through lift vehicles. Safety programs that periodically examine pallet racks for hazards and problems can avoid costly accidents.

Final Words

Both the law and ethics require employers to provide safe working environments, however, investing in safety can bring tangible financial rewards. The employees are likely to stay in the workplace if the conditions are pleasant. 

If employers make efforts to avoid accidents, morale can improve and so productivity will improve. In addition, consider the days off from work that employees don’t get in the aftermath of an injury. 

In the year 2015 alone, logistics and transportation industries lost more than 100,000 days of work because of injuries or illnesses which required the use of time off. This isn’t the way to run a successful operation.

Even when your financial bottom line is the highest priority, you should ensure safety is first.

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Uneeb Khan
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