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A Comprehensive Guide: Wix vs WordPress In Design and Customization

Wix is ideal for websites with a portfolio feel. This user-friendly website builder has versatile designs, but because it makes large sites slower, it is not recommended for them. WordPress allows for the creation of larger sites, but it also requires greater technical skills.

The fundamental distinction between the two site builders may be found in this. WordPress does not provide technical assistance and is open-source. You are in charge of hosting. On the other side, tech support and hosting are included with every Wix package.

7 Criteria Will Be Used To Compare Wix And WordPress

1.  Design And Adaptability

Under 1,000 free templates are available on Wix. They are modern, attractive, and divided into categories for businesses in many specialised fields. A separate smartphone version is also available. 

You might need to use drag and drop to rearrange some components to optimise access on mobile devices. To read an in-depth guide about mobile-first design and its significance, go here.

Why should I use WordPress? WordPress can help you create the website of your dreams if you know CSS and HTML or are prepared to invest the time to learn how to modify the template’s code. Multiple themes are available online for the site builder. The majority of them are responsive and, on average, cost $45 per theme.

Wix Development and WordPress Development services are available.

2. Speed

In regards to speed, Wix and WordPress are comparable. The hosting package is one factor that affects the exact speed. You can carry out one or more of the following to speed up WordPress:

  • Pick a trustworthy hosting company
  • Test the performance
  • Refresh everything
  • Delete any plugins that aren’t being used
  • Use PHP’s most recent version
  • Install only top-notch plugins
  • enhance the images
  • Use a minimal theme

3. Accessibility

Wix makes it very simple to create websites because everything can be changed directly in the browser without the need to install any additional software. They offer a practical, user-friendly drag-and-drop editor that makes construction simple even for beginners. If you want to add more features and functions, check out their app store.

WordPress includes a large number of plugins and extensions, but they’re not always easy to use or even install. It necessitates some software background knowledge. Even so, problem-solving is not always simple. WordPress is still lagging behind Wix in terms of user-friendliness despite the Gutenberg upgrade, which brought a building block editor.

4. Add-ons And Apps

Numerous options exist to increase the functionality of your website in the Wix app store, which was previously discussed. If you run a hotel, photography, or accounting business, this is fantastic news. Some of these applications were made by Wix, such as Ascend and their collection of business tools.

JavaScript and APIs can be added to web pages using Wix Velo. Developers can now add and alter interactions thanks to this.

One of the several ways to modify a WordPress theme is by using WooCommerce. WordPress plugins come in a variety of price ranges, some of which are free.

To install and update some plugins, some technical knowledge is required. Like the WPML multi-language administration plugin, the more complex ones are also more potent.

5  E-commerce Features

There is a specific online store area on Wix. With numerous options for shipping, taxes, fees, and other factors, the solution is fairly comprehensive. It is also a reasonably priced website builder for e-commerce that accepts digital goods.

Because Wix themes have a lot of material, their sites frequently load slowly, making the website builder better suited for smaller companies. In addition to harming SEO, slow loading can make shopping less enjoyable.

Slow loading will be fine with WordPress if you use a third-party plugin. Users can get a decent understanding of what their online stores can do using WooCommerce, which is a terrific option. They are capable of anything with a little custom programming. There are specific extra-cost options, such as Stripe payment gateways.

6.  Blogging

WordPress comes with many necessary features out of the box, like categories, tags, and RSS. The theme will be related to how the blog looks. Perhaps some features need to be adjusted.

Wix has some respectable blogging features, like the ability to schedule articles, create tags and categories. The user interface is clear and simple. There isn’t a drag-and-drop layout editor, which is unfortunate. You’ll have to accept the posting features’ limitations.

7. SEO Wix Performs Well

You can alter the page title and choose from a variety of headings. Because a custom domain is not permitted under the free plan, ranking will be difficult.

Wix has a drawback in that it automatically names submitted photographs with long alphanumeric sequences as the names. They hurt image-based SEO sites like those for photography.

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