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8 Ideas to Help Enhance Employee Experience at a Business Retreat

A business retreat is a time for team members to step back from their roles and spend time together. Retreats help to build relations and improve the work environment. However, planning a retreat can be daunting. Here are eight ideas to help enhance the employee experience at a business retreat.

1- Plan an Ice Breaker

Start by having everyone arrive at the same time. Depending on the time of day, have snacks and drinks ready to help everyone feel welcome. Once everyone has arrived, it is time for an icebreaker. There are many ideas for games. One easy game is to write several questions on a beach ball and toss it around the room. Team members must answer the question closest to their left thumb.

2- Start Cooking

Food is one way to bond people because everyone needs to eat. A cooking class will help everyone to get to know each other. You can do local cooking lessons or do something fun like a cake decoration session.

3- Go Outside to Play

Get everyone outside. Whether it is a round of golf, time on the pickleball court, a softball game, or a hike, it does not matter. Getting everyone out of the office is the objective. People will have a chance to relax, have fun, and blow off steam.

4- Hold a Karaoke Night

It is not a business retreat without karaoke night. Some people may surprise you. The team will quickly discover some people have some singing talent. Regardless, it will be a night filled with laughs and memories.

5- Take Everyone on an Adventure

If your retreat is out of town, create a scavenger hunt. Give everyone a chance to gather and explore the area by finding landmarks and other points of interest. Break people into teams and make it a friendly competition with some fun swag as prizes.

Another idea is an escape room, and it is easy to create your own. Escape rooms are a fun way to build on teamwork and cooperation while having fun.

6- Do Something for the Community

A retreat is an opportunity to do something positive for the community. There are many ideas to get involved, including a community cleanup, planting trees, or holding a food drive. Your business will have an impact, and the activities will help team members feel good about themselves.

7- Book a Keynote Speaker

At some point during the retreat, it will be time to gather everyone together for a meeting. The meeting could be a time to recognize team members or talk about the future of the business. Regardless of the agenda, make sure to hire a keynote speaker. A keynote speaker will not only provide entertainment, but they will also provide inspiration and energize the crowd. They can present new ideas or convey a message to bring everyone together. A good keynote speaker is vital to a successful retreat.

8- Bring Old Fashion Board Games

Board games never get old. Just about everyone will have memories of playing board games. Some favorites like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Chess will gather people around the table. If board games are hard to find or you want everyone playing the same game, consider creating a trivia game regarding the company. Make sure to have some fun prizes.

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