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6 Ways to Make Your Hotel Wedding Friendly and Maximize Profits

Hotels are always searching for ways to make their properties more appealing to guests. A hotel’s profits are partially derived from returning guests, but it’s more important to attract new guests with appealing offers and updates. If you feel your property needs some focus, you may want to get involved in the wedding industry. Considering that the average ceremony and reception cost thousands of dollars, weddings generate enormous profits. Hotels can meet all the needs of wedding parties, but only if they establish a reputation as one of the leading venues for such functions.

Here are 6 ways to make your hotel a wedding-friendly destination and boost profits. To fulfill wedding needs, you don’t need to spend a fortune on renovations or alter your current marketing strategy. You can utilize these tips to make your hotel wedding-friendly and get profit from it as well.

FYI, I recently visited Bakersfield and got impressed by how the hotels there manage wedding parties. There are many best hotels in Bakersfield offering great service and party treats. Keeping the same in mind, I will proceed with the article and make you aware of the ways that can make your hotel wedding-friendly.

Tips for Making Your Hotel Wedding-Friendly and More Profitable

Post Best Photos of Your Hotel

In this Internet age, the majority of people will visit your website before visiting your venue in person. For this reason, you must upgrade your website’s photo gallery to include pictures of high-quality weddings to show exactly what your ceremony will look like.

If you’ve never hosted a wedding before, you’ll have to improvise. Make sure that your venue stands out among all the others by hiring a good wedding photographer, staging a ceremony, reception table, catering selection, etc. 

Provide an Easy Booking Operation

Wedding booking should be easy for both guests and couples. You must make it easy for the couple to sign up for their wedding at your hotel as well as for their guests to locate and stay there.

Additionally, the couple will want to make hotel accommodations as convenient for their guests as possible, so they’ll look for a hotel with an easy online booking system. You will also need to make sure that your guests have access to directions to the hotel and rate information. Therefore, having that information readily available will also be vital to your operation.

Make Your Most Prominent Features Stand out

It is important to understand that every hotel is different, and no one knows this better than someone in the industry. Hence, it is up to you to determine what makes your space different from other potential venues. It could be the view, the architecture, the great bartenders, or anything else that makes a wedding memorable.

The more you know about your best features, the easier it will be for you to catch the attention of your guests and potential wedding couples.

Provide them with a wide range of choices

There will not be one size fits for weddings and receptions, so you’ll need to make a few different packages for your clients to choose from. It is a good idea to check out what other hotels have to offer before you make your wedding proposals.

Aside from wedding packages that include everything a couple might need for their wedding and reception, you can make some extra profits by offering more specific wedding packages. The location of your hotel might encourage some duos to come in for a photo shoot. Make sure you offer a low-cost package for pictures. If your guests are celebrating their first night together with you, you can provide them with a honeymoon suite package like the best hotels in Bakersfield do.

Make sure the Amenities are Highlighted

If you plan on having wedding guests stay at your hotel for a local wedding or a wedding held at your hotel, this is especially important. An attractive list of amenities can make your hotel stand out from a similar one.

Make sure your hotel’s online gallery is properly represented, just as you did for your wedding facilities. Get a photographer to capture pictures of what guests want to see: gyms, pools, breakfast buffets, etc. Having a hotel that allows guests to relax and get ready will make them more likely to stay with you.

Keep in Touch With Every Couple

A lot of wedding venues get out of control and provide impersonal customer service to guests celebrating one of the biggest days of their lives. Ensure all couples receive the attention they deserve from your hotel staff. The simplest details, such as a free bottle of champagne in the bride’s room on the morning of the wedding can make all the difference – and these details encourage guests to tell their friends about your venue as well.

Final Words

All in all, if you follow these six steps, you could soon host memorable weddings at your hotel same as the best hotel in Bakersfield hosts. These steps will also ensure a successful ceremony and reception for years to come if you follow them correctly.

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