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6 Structured Cabling Myths You Need To Brush Off

Any communication happening is highly dependent upon the type of cabling solution used. People today are using traditional means of communication channels, or they have opted for modern and secure ones. One of the modern cabling solutions is the structured cabling infrastructure, which has taken the world by storm.

Structured cabling is an organized and structured cabling solution that has benefited its users in several ways. These benefits are only possible to enjoy if you have selected the right cable and have ensured its right installation. People that have failed to do so have made certain assumptions and believed in certain myths that they need to brush off. Otherwise, they will struggle to enjoy better communications and reliability just because they are using the wrong cabling solution.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with the myths about structured cables that will help you opt for the right cabling solution.

Top 6 Structured Cabling Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

The performance and results of a structured cabling system are totally dependent upon how it is designed and installed. People that have failed to design and install them correctly have faced several performance issues and security risks. Such mistakes have made people believe in myths that are not true, and these myths need to be debunked.

Following are a few structure cable myths that are a must for you to brush off and make the ideal cable selection for your needs.

1. They have performance issues

One of the myths that stop people, businesses, organizations and other telecommunication sectors from opting for a structured cable infrastructure is performance myths. It is just a myth that these cables do not provide better performance and security. In reality, these cabling systems are a thousand times better than traditional cabling systems. This is why people are now considering the services of structured cabling companies in Dubai for selecting, designing and installing the right cabling infrastructure for improved performance.

2. Cable maintenance is difficult

One of the most believed myths about structured cables is that they are difficult to maintain and manage. But in reality, the name itself is enough to understand how easier these cabling infrastructures will be to maintain. These higher maintenances come with the perfect and ideal installation of the cables, in which each of the cables is labelled separately. Moreover, these cables are not too messy and bulky, which is why there is always enough room and opportunity for one to maintain them.

3. They are difficult to install

When we compare the installation of traditional cables with structured cables, the latter is easier and quicker to install. But people have believed that traditional cables are much easier to install. In reality, the mess one faces with traditional cables is higher, and it always takes a lot of your time to install. But when it comes to structured cables, the installation is always easier when you have the expert help.

4. They are very expensive

Always be mindful of the cable installation and maintenance costs before you opt for one cabling infrastructure. Structured cables might have a little higher cost than traditional cables, but it is always a one-time cost. You will rarely face any cable failure if you have purchased the right one and installed it correctly. On the other hand, traditional cables are cheaper to buy, but they have increased recurring costs. You have to buy and install these traditional cables a hundred times due to repetitive failures. 

5. They have poor aesthetics

One must not neglect the aesthetics when deciding which cable infrastructure and system to opt for. Many believe that structured cables are less pleasing and messy, which is completely a false allegation. Being the most managed cabling infrastructure, structured cables always win the case when it comes to aesthetics. These aesthetics are important to consider not only for the peace of mind and management of the cables but also for adding and removing additional hardware.

6. They are not durable

The thinness and small size of structured cables make one believe that these tiny and small cables may not last long. This is why they opt for bulky cabling infrastructure, which brings nothing else than performance issues and security risks. These cables are smaller to make them manageable, but these sizes do not have to do anything with the cable life. Structured cables are way more durable than traditional cables and provide better results. So, hire the structured cabling companies in Dubai to help you switch to this cabling and telecom infrastructure by correct selection and installation of the cable.

Are you looking to install a structured cable infrastructure?

If you want to have secure, smooth and fast communications and connections, then the choice of the cable and its correct installation is crucial. You must not stick to the old and traditional cabling methods if better results are what you expect. You can always consider the expert help and services to guide you in deciding the right cabling design, type, and correct installation.

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