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5 Ideas To Promote Your Business Using Unique Promotional Products

When using promotional products to expand your company’s market reach, you want to cover as much ground as possible. They are versatile and can be given away as corporate gifts for prospective clients and customers at various events. If the promotional products exceed expectations, bringing in more enquiries, leads and sales to your business, naturally you would go the extra mile and tap their full potential. Here are 5 ways you can maximise the use of promotional items to advertise your business:

1. Daily Handout

Companies with a physical store should make sure they have promotional items on hand. Anytime a customer walks in, they can readily give out a promotional pen or promotional USB to boost interest in the company and generate sales. You have the option to be more creative with your promotion by letting customers fill in forms after receiving a promotional product, thereby allowing you to collect information for future marketing ventures. It is beneficial for businesses to hand out giveaways on a more regular basis and not just during special occasions. Regular handouts increase your chances of being remembered and discussed by recipients and those within their circle.

2. Website Feature

To leverage your branding strategy, showcase company promotional products on your website. In fact, you can assign a dedicated page for promotional bags, promotional office supplies and all other corporate gifts branded with your logo. It is free with constant exposure. No need to wait a long time to promote your company during the next face-to-face events. This is also a great opportunity to use promotional items to boost engagement on your website. For example, if they purchase a certain amount or subscribe to your newsletter, customers will automatically receive a free gift. 

3. Goodie Bags 

 Goodie bags are like an all-in-one promotional kit. You can customise your approach depending on the nature of your business, but what is great about promotional goodie bags is that you can include as many important items as necessary when you hand it out to target customers in your locality. A typical goodie bag consists of a brochure relaying information about your company, a business card, and the designated promotional item. Hand these out at any given time—during events, from your store or office, or through the company website. Using information-driven goodie bags will help facilitate word-of-mouth marketing and create some buzz for your business.

4. Coupon Promotion

Coupons are effective at introducing new products while also encouraging customers to give them a try. Adding a coupon to your promotional products will increase their appeal among your target audiences. They become more useful and unforgettable. You can also supply information about your company on the coupon. Some customers may want to receive the promotional product just to obtain the coupon. If you are able to set up a coupon system that does not expire or can be reused as many times as needed, it will work to your company’s advantage and draw in more interest.

5. Go with the Trend

For you to hit your promotional goals faster, you have to feel your target audience and their existing sentiments. What are the predominant trends in the market? If within your area of operations there is a wellness trend going on, you may want to take advantage of this by handing out products related to health and wellness. Are you located near an Information Technology hub? Perhaps handing out promotional computer accessories or office items would resonate more with potential customers than products totally unrelated to their profession or interests.    

Unique Promotional Products

Branded corporate gifts are effective tools for spreading the word about your business because of their long shelf life and the positive impression they create. Recipients also tend to keep unique promotional products for a long time, increasing your chances of getting an enquiry or sale. More importantly, they are cost-efficient and easier to manage than other marketing options. When choosing the best promotional products for your business, you also need to exert extra effort. If you are ready to expand your business with affordable yet high quality promotional products, feel free to get in touch with our team at Logopro. For enquiries or to request for a free quote, give us a ring during business days or fill in the contact form on our website.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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