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4 Common Water Tank Problems & the Threats of Using Outdated Tanks 

When it comes to plastic water tank storage, long life, strength, and durability are the prominent factors that need to look at initially. Thus, it is crucial to recognize and identify the problems that can jeopardize the tank’s structure and life expectancy. Many brands have different capacities and range from 500-liter water tank prices  to 2000-liter water tank prices. So, choose the one that suits your need and budget.   

However, no matter what capacity of the plastic storage tank is used for which application, these are susceptible to damage if left without maintenance. Either bacteria or pollution, the inside and exterior of the tank have to be protected from these threats to receive excellent durability. To save you from the evil of contamination in your storage tank, here is the blog post that discusses typical issues that your unit might encounter and the dangers of using outdated ones.   

4 Typical Issues in Water Storage Tanks 

  • Accumulation of sand and sediments inside the tank  

One of the common issues in the water storage tank is the accumulation of sand and sediment inside the tank. A layer of stockpiled solids usually forms at the bottom and on the walls of the tank, which need to be removed periodically. In most cases, these can be mitigated by installing a filter on the inlet of the water tank. But in some scenarios, these can be a more expensive and less practical approach than simply draining and rinsing the plastic storage tank after every few years. After this, you can use a pressure washer to wash down the floors and walls of the tank properly, and then it can be rinsed out before refilling. Ensure to use the supply of clean pressurized water supply available before draining your tank. If you are planning to clean by yourself, then it is a must to read the instruction manual to use appropriate safety measures before attempting the cleaning.   

  • Green or black algae growth in the storage tank  

The algae growth happens when we select the material of the storage tank that doesn’t block the sunlight. In other cases, when the tank lid is open or lost or the tank is made in such a manner that allows the sunlight to enter the tank. Here, the most reliable solution to prevent algae growth formation is to limit the exposure of water to sunlight. It is highly recommended to choose the material of the storage tank that does not allow light into the unit, or you might consider placing the tank where there is a great amount of shade.   

  • Leaks around tank fittings or broken pipes  

The leaks around tank fittings or bent or broken pipes are the most common issues. The primary reason for this can be the piping was not connected with an appropriately flexible connector. Well, the tank connections are practically strong and reliable and are not designed for constant, high-stress conditions. The best way to avoid cutting corners while installation and saving money. Make sure that the storage tank has flexible connectors installed at each of the connection points.   

  • Tank Tipping or Settling  

Lastly, ensure that any water run-off from rains or tank overflow can is directed away from the tank base area to make sure that erosion will not undermine the soil or base of the storage tank. Taking care of this from the beginning of the installation will not only prevent damage to the tank but also save a lot of time and money.   

Now, let’s talk about the main dangers of using outdated water tanks.   

1.Wastage of Resources  

Constant exposure of water storage tanks to environmental factors can diminish the strength of pipes and fittings and shows a negative impact on the structural integrity. While using old and damaged water tanks can become the cause of draining resources like water, electricity and labor. Furthermore, using outdated water tanks will increase the frequency of repairs and maintenance.   

2.Compromise in Water Quality  

Over the years, water tanks can diminish the quality of water after prolonged exposure to pollution, sunlight, temperature fluctuations and other geological factors.   

These are a few threats that you need to look after and use the best and new water tank over the years.   

Wrapping up!  

If you are thinking of installing a new water tank and looking for the water tank prices of 500-liter or of any other capacities, give the call to the experts at Topline Industries. They can help you get it done the first time properly. Check out the website to know more.   

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