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Engagement Ring Upgrades: 5 Things to Consider 

Often sometimes, you desire to upgrade your engagement or wedding ring. Preferences and budgets can evolve, making an upgraded ring more appealing. While it is logical to desire to upgrade your ring, the prospect can be intimidating. A few people may be unsure how to approach their partner with the suggestion. Others might be concerned about losing the personal significance of their ring, or they might be unclear about how upgrading a ring would function. 

Whatever your motivations for upgrading your ring or worries about the procedure, we are here to assist you. Below we have included a simple guide to upgrading your wedding ring. 

  1. Engage Your Partner in Conversation 

The first point you must consider if you would like to upgrade your engagement ring or wedding band is to communicate with your companion. Although some partners will be delighted with the prospect of a ring upgrade, some might be concerned for various reasons. For instance, perhaps they have a special connection to the previous ring because they took their time choosing it for you. Regardless of whether you believe your companion will be sensitive to the notion of an upgrade, you must explain it to them.  

Engagement rings and wedding bands symbolize your connection and friendship as a husband and wife. Ensure that your other half is entirely in sync with the upgrade process before proceeding. When discussing this with your companion, we recommend convincing them that you still absolutely adore their original ring but are ready for something different. 

  1. Ensure a Jeweler Appraises Your Ring 

Most of the time, folks would like to incorporate the value of their previous ring into their upgrade to optimize their upgrade budget. If this is the case, have the trade-in value of your original ring or diamond appraised before you begin seriously shopping for a new ring.  

Besides that, if you have an expensive or sentimental piece of jewelry, like a wedding ring or a unique watch, it is critical to insure it in the event of damage, loss, or robbery. Jewelry insurance will assure you that if your valuable item is forcibly taken, broken, or torn down in an unforeseen situation like a fire, the financial aspect of your loss will be addressed.  

The coverage amount for your item ring differs depending on the policy. Save receipts for the new piece of jewelry and get an appraisal from a specialist to ensure you’re adequately covered in the event of a claim. 

  1. Consider Sentimental Value 

Most spouses are concerned about retaining sentimental value during the upgrade process. Whether it is your worry, your partner’s consideration, or shared compassion, understand that there are numerous methods for incorporating the sentimental value of your existing ring into your new upgrade.  

The best approach here is to comprehend the core of your ring’s sentimental value and figure out how much can be mirrored in your new ring. For instance, if your diamond wedding ring’s middle diamonds are a family heirloom, you can also have them incorporated into your upgrade.  

Alternatively, if a design feature of your set – up holds sentimental value for you, you can ensure that it remains in your upgrade. Although you may be required to be innovative to preserve the sentimental value of your ring, with a bit of creativity and care, everything is feasible. 

  1. Determine Your Upgrade Spending plan 

At this stage, you can decide on your upgrade expenditure after your previous ring has been appraised. If you intend to sell all or portion of your previous ring, you can evaluate its resale value in your new budget. The best cost estimate for your upgrade will be highly subjective. There is no appropriate or inappropriate amount to pay. 

Consider what is best for your aspirations and finances, then create a spending plan that you can live with. If your upgrade budget is limited, consider keeping your original center stone and only upgrading your set – up. The middle diamonds and gemstones are the most expensive components of a wedding ring. You can acquire a piece of jewelry that feels brand new for a portion of the price of a completely new ring by retaining your center stone unchanged and switching out your setup.  

  1. Don’t Be Hasty 

If you’ve completed every other stage on this checklist, you are now ready to choose your dream ring upgrade. However, keep in mind that it is unnecessary to speed up this operation. Unlike when trying to plan a proposal or a wedding, you do not have any challenging targets to meet in a specified duration. 

 As such, take a moment, lay back, and enjoy the experience of shopping alone or with your partner. Avoiding rushing allows you to closely evaluate your choices and make an educated choice that you understand in your heart is appropriate for each other. 

Image source: https://unsplash.com/s/photos/dont-rush  

Final Thoughts  

Now you have an idea, which brings us to the end of our manual for upgrading your engagement ring or wedding band. Remember that the majority of engagement rings are designed in White Gold. Perhaps the upgrade you require is a modification of the metal type.  

You can customize your ring by selecting a Yellow Gold or Rose Gold metal. Also, these two metals are especially effective at showcasing the diamond. The comparison in color between the metallic materials draws attention to the center stone, making it appear larger than it is. And this is where the adventure starts. 

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