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10 Best Poetry Blogs to read in 2023!

If you are a fan of poetry, you must want to read some poetry blogs and websites to satisfy your poetry cravings. Fortunately, the internet is full of amazing poetry blogs which are heaven for poetry lovers like you.

These blogs contain great poets who are breathing life into this ancient literature, and there are tips, gigs, and guides for struggling poets too. Some blogs or websites also offer the opportunity to share your poems with the world, and to get honest reviews from the readers.

Let’s discuss the amazing poetic blogs of 2023 in this article.

  1. Khamush:

Khamush is a poetry blog where you will find blogs on different poetic topics, and will find amazing quotes to enlighten your mind.

Each poetry blog contains a bunch of poems from different poets on a specific topic. For example, there is a poetry blog that contains a series of poems about siblings’ bonds. There is another poetry blog that is related to goodnight poems for your beloved girl. Check this out if you have a beloved, or if you love romantic poems.

Such theme-based poetic articles help you in getting inspiration for your poetry writing and let you enjoy different poems on your favorite topic.

  1. Write Out Loud:

Write Out Loud is a website since 2005, and is an ideal place for poets to read each other’s poetry, and share their poetry with the world.

Yes! You will not only read the poems but can also publish yours and can get feedback on it from other poets.

You will also find a news section that will tell you about poetry events, publishers, and poets around you. You will find book reviews, news about poetry events, and poets on their blogs.

  1. The Poetry Project:

The Poetry Project is all about reading and promoting the love of poetry in the world. They aim to spread the colors and joys of poetry in the lives of people.

They have free workshops, blogs, events, and donations that aim to increase public awareness about literature, and share contemporary poetry with the world.

  1. Poetry Foundation:

The Poetry Foundation has a poetry magazine that is famous among poetry lovers. This website is an award-winning website and is a safe place to celebrate poetry by reading or sharing it with other people.

You will find different blogs and articles on this website which help you in writing poetry through tips and tricks and let you celebrate existing and new poetry. 

They also host different free live events where there will be poetry readings, exhibitions, staged plays, concerts, and events.

  1. My Poetic Side:

My Poetic Side website is an amazing place for poetry lovers to read different poems and unleash the poet in them. You will get poetry blogs and amazing news about the poetry world which will enable you to know about the poets and poetry events happening around you.

You can register on their website if you want to publish your poems, create a poetry ebook of yours for free, or to save your favorite poems and poets.

  1. Read Poetry Blog:

Read Poetry Blog is a safe place for poets to enjoy poetry of different types. You will be able to find amazing poets and poems of different themes in the blog.

Moreover, you will be able to find tips and tricks for poetry writing. These tips and tricks will enable you to write poems, and find the poet hidden in you.

There is an events tab too in the website which enables you to join live events and discussions related to poetry.

  1. Word Craft: Prose and Poetry:

This is a creative community for aspiring poets to learn the basics of writing American and Japanese syllabic poetry. Each Tuesday, everyone is welcome for getting feedback from others and sharing their poetic inspiration.

  1. Poem Shape:

Poem Shape is a blog from a New England poet who shares poems of different frameworks on this blog. You can read Haiku, Fables, and Criticism on this blog. 

You will find evergreen poetry on this blog that seems relevant to you in every phase of life.

Key Takeaways:

These are some poetry blogs that will make your days and nights special and will help you in unleashing the poetry of love hidden in your soul.

These blogs not only satisfy your poetry craving but will also enable you to become a poet yourself. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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