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Zenless Zone Zero: Release date, reveal trailer, platforms, and much more

HoYoverse, the developer behind the incredibly successful role-playing video game Genshin Impact, is taking one step more towards possibly one day becoming one of the most popular and famous video game developers in the world. That step is Zenless Zone Zero, a fresh ARPG game developed by Hoyoverse.

While Genshin Impact continues on its rampage to carve a niche out for itself in the community, HoYoverse has given us some new details on its next ARPG video game. This game was hinted at by the developers in the previous year. However, we’ve been rather short of news about Zenless Zone Zero since then. Well, not anymore!

The recent announcements that we have received have given us a glimpse into the colorful roster of the characters, gameplay, setting, and some information on the close beta sign-ups. Here you will get to know everything about this game and more. So enjoy!

Release date

At the moment, there happens to be no release date for Zenless Zone Zero that is officially confirmed. However, we will most likely receive the official announcement from the developers later this year. This will tell us if we should be expecting the game in 2022 or 2023.

So keep an eye for this information on the internet.


Again, we have limited knowledge at the moment about this subject. Zenless Zone Zero will be released on PC and iOS devices. But whether this title will also come out on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5 remains to be seen.

In all probability, new devices will be added to the list of compatible platforms. However, this information will only be shared with us as we get near the release date of the game.

Reveal trailer

It was on the cheerful day of May 13, 2022, that the reveal trailer of Zenless Zone Zero was launched. This news was made public through the game’s official teaser website (you can check it out here). Originally, there was also a timer counting down the seconds till launch, plus a small audio recording.

We catch some hints about the storyline through the reveal trailer. We get to see the New Eridu, which is the last shelter for civilization after the “Hollow” calamity. And it is in the mysterious streets of this location that the fun begins. We are able to see a number of Zenless Zone Zero characters that are occupied with mysterious monsters.


We have substantial information about the gameplay of this game. In Zenless Zone Zero, players will experience an action-oriented, cinematic, and fluid combat system. They will have the ability to control different units and let loose terrifying skills and unlimited QTE combos on their enemies, thus giving them a slight edge over their combatants.

One aspect in which all the HoYoverse titles differ from this one is the inclusion of a roguelike gameplay mechanic. So you can expect a clear difference between Genshin Impact and Zenless Zone Zero, and also the turn-based combat in Honkai: Star Rail.

Setting and storyline

We have already mentioned some aspects of the storyline. This game is situated in a post-apocalyptic era, where civilization is forced to seek refuge from the disastrous effects of the supernatural calamity known as the “Hollows,” which has all but destroyed the human race.

This supernatural event has a bad side effect, known as the Ethereals. These are mysterious monsters that roam in the dimensions birthed by the Hollows. New Eridu is the only urban civilization center that managed to survive this event. Rather ironically, its survival depends on the amount of technology and resources that can be extracted from the Hollows.

You, as the player, will have to take the role of a “Proxy,” which is a special professional who guides people that want to explore the Hollows. Here, you will need to use the character’s skills, claim valuable data, and progress through Zenless Zone Zero’s storyline.

Closed beta

You can sign up for the Zenless Zone closed beta through the official website here. Just log in to your HoYoverse account and complete the survey. You now stand a chance of being a part of the early testing. 

If you do actually get picked, you will receive a confirmation email.

And that is all that we know currently about Zenless Zone Zero. Make sure to check it out once it releases!

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