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Youssef Hassan Rashdan Charitable Foundation launches the “Winter Without Cold” initiative

Engineer Youssef Rashdan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Youssef Hassan Rashdan Foundation for Charitable Activities, revealed the launch of the fifth phase of the “Winter Without Cold” initiative in Heliopolis district to distribute blankets to the most needy families, orphanages, the elderly and people with special needs, stressing that 2,000 blankets were distributed during the past days. 

He stressed that this initiative is based on distributing blankets, in four stages, for a period of four months, starting from last November until February, at a rate of 2,000 blankets each month, which were distributed to the areas of Al-Bustan, Al-Montazah, Manshiyat Al-Bakry and Almaza.

Engineer Youssef Rashdan indicated that 8,000 blankets will be distributed during the next three months to 8,000 needy families in Heliopolis, in addition to distributing a number of blankets to 35 orphanages, the elderly and special needs.Rashdan pointed out that this initiative has been sponsored by the family since 1976 and was launched by Engineer Hassan Rashdan, and in 2020 it turned into the foundation, which became the charitable arm of the family and the Rashdan Group for Architecture.  

Engineer Rashdan stressed that this role comes to activate the societal role, influence the lives of others, develop society, help families in need, and work to meet their basic needs.Rashdan stressed that the Foundation supports and participates in all governmental and non-governmental initiatives that aim to support the poor and support President Sisi’s plan to advance the country, pointing out the importance of private sector companies’ participation in the development of civil society, contributing to the implementation of sustainable development programs, encouraging entrepreneurship, and paying attention to social responsibility.

And he put forward many initiatives necessary to advance the surrounding environment, contribute to the development of society, and pay attention to the areas most in need, which works to achieve stability and community development during the next stage.

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