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Will the legendary high-performance Scout name return?

Autofun Philippines – Motorcycle history students know the name 101 Scout. It is one of the most respected motorcycles from the original incarnation of the Indian brand. Now, it looks like the name is set to make a comeback, with evidence hinting at the development of a flagship Scout model that will outperform other variants in Indian Motorcycle’s current lineup and how Indian Motorcycle price Philippines, Malaysia, change.

The original 101 Scout, was produced between 1928 and 1931. The time was essentially a second-generation Scout. It replaced the original movement launched in 1919. Supplied with 37ci or (more commonly) the 45ci V-twin. The 101 Scout’s shorter, lighter chassis have made it a racer favorite. To this day, it is the car of choice for death stunt racers. The new fuel tank set it apart from previous models. And the 101 Scout’s position as a historic landmark was solidified. When it was replaced in 1932 by a cheaper and heavier Standard Scout. And, nowadays, you can search for information on Indian motorcycle price Philippines.

It looks like Indian is planning to resurrect the 101 Scout name. And with the legacy it carries. It could end up on a significantly upgraded version of the current model. India has applied for a new US trademark on the 101 Scout title.

The app says the term is intended for use on “motorcycles and therefore structural parts,”. That makes it clear that it’s more than just getting a name for use on branded clothing or accessories. Indian bosses will also be well aware of the homage with which the original models are kept. A new bike needs more than a coat of paint and a few bolted accessories to win the title. 101 Scouts.

Indian Scout parked in front of the

square The current Indian Scout is one of seven variants of the Indian Motorcycle line

The current Scout line already includes seven variants: the Scout, the Scout Bobber and the Scout Rogue being the three main variations each. Service can also be had in Sixty form with a 78bhp 60ci V-twin instead of the standard 100bhp 69ci. Finally, Scout Bobber Twenty adds a classic look to the Bobber version.

It’s not yet known how the 101 Scout will differ from other models, but the original has a reputation for being lighter than its predecessor and successor, with better performance and handling. So there is a high probability that any new version will use the most powerful engine available on the Scout, with reduced weight and high-quality components for the suspension and brakes.

indian scout bobber parked in the garage

The styling is not the same as the original; The 101 Scouts 1920s-30s may have been groundbreaking in its day, but it was right up its alley with extension bars and a leaf spring beam fork. 

Still, some nod to the possible past, perhaps in the form of spiked wheels, and the bike will likely have a sportier look than current offerings, perhaps with less Slightly more legs are placed forward and the saddle is higher. That would make it less of a cruiser and more of a street car, positioning it between the Scout and the FTR in the Indian lineup.

This is not the first time Indians have come up with 101 new Scouts. The company previously filed trademark rights to the name in 2012 and renewed its ownership of the patent in 2015. However, the Trademark Modernization Act, which was implemented late last year, has makes it harder for companies to own trademarks without using them. Therefore, the new trademark, if granted, would need to be used on a product bearing the 101 Scout name shortly thereafter.

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