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Check These High Quality Custom Key Chains


Custom Key chains are one of the most common souvenir and advertising items. Keychains are commonly used to promote businesses. A standard advertising key chain will carry the businesses name and contact information and often a logo.

In the 1950s and 1960s, with the improvement of plastic manufacturing techniques, promotional items including keychains became unique. Businesses could place their names on promotional keychains that were three-dimensional for less expensive than the standard metal keychains.

Custom Keychains are small and inexpensive enough to become promotional items for larger national companies that might give them out by the millions. For example, with the launch of a new movie or television show, those companies might partner with food companies to provide a character keychain in each box of cereal.

Custom Keychains that currently hold keys are an item that is never long misplaced by the owner. People sometimes attach their keychain to their belt (or belt loop) to avoid loss or to allow quick access to it. Many keychains also offer functions that the owner wants easily accessible as well. 

These include an army knife, bottle opener, an electronic organizer, scissors, address book, family photos, nail clipper, pill case and even pepper spray. Modern cars often include a keychain that serves as a remote to lock/unlock the car or even start the engine. An electronic key finder is also a useful item found on many keys that will beep when summoned for quick finding when misplaced

How can I make my own custom keychain?

Follow this step-by-step guide and learn how to create a custom custom keychain on it’s sure to trigger a chain reaction, and a host of subsequent orders from your friends and family.

  • Step 1: Go to our custom key chains page. You can navigate to this page from anywhere on the Zazzle site: simply click on ‘Create,’ found on the left-hand side of the screen, and then on ‘Blank Products > View All.’
  • Step 2: Choose a blank keychain template. They’re organized according to material, size and shape, and can be found underneath the ‘All Templates’ heading.
  • Step 3: Select on the relevant product thumbnail, and make any further adjustments to the style and size by using the options on the right.
  • Step 4: Click ‘Personalize’ to add images, text and design elements in Zazzle’s Design Tool – this is where you’ll add your own personal touch to your product!
  • Step 5: Hit ‘Done’ and see your final design! Click on ‘Add to Cart’ to store that design for purchase, and you can then continue with your second keychain design, if necessary. Click ‘Add to Cart’ after each design session to save each variation.

What are some creative ideas for designing a keychain?

We’ve already covered a lot of the most popular keychain themes, but there’s a world of potential to uncover with Zazzle’s design tool. Why not create a travel-themed keyring, complete with photos of your latest trip? It would be a lot more unique than anything you’d find in a souvenir store! Keychains also make excellent party favors, whether you’re hosting a bridal shower, bachelor party or class reunion, and their practicality will ensure that they continue to be used long after the event. Keychains are also very kid-friendly, and it’s very easy to add team colors, a sports mascot or a beloved cartoon character to any of our keychain templates.

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