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Why You Should Consider Buying Boxed Mattresses

You might have heard of boxed mattresses and you are to wonder what makes these mattresses worthy of your hard-earned money. These innovative mattresses gave consumers another affordable and effortless option. Consumers need not worry anymore about lugging a whole queen mattress through tiny hallways and doorways since these mattresses could now be carried inside your home in a simple box (plus, no more expensive delivery charges!).

Still, you might be skeptical that these boxed mattresses are any good. Read below to find out about the differences between boxed mattresses and conventional ones.

Boxed mattresses are more economical

Conventional mattresses are usually more expensive than boxed mattresses. However, this does not mean that boxed mattresses are superior when it comes to quality. Boxed mattresses are just as long-lasting and durable as regular mattresses since they are also made out of the same materials such as latex, gel foam, memory foam, etc.

If you are planning on buying one, look for mattresses in a box Australia has many stores that offer durable choices that can be delivered. Most boxed mattresses are cheaper because the manufacturer does not have physical mattress stores and is able to save costs maintaining these stores. They mostly sell their products online where the operating cost is significantly lower, hence, cheaper pricing for the consumers.

Boxed mattresses are compact

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in a spacious home and if you live in a tiny space, boxed mattresses are recommended for you since it would be easier for you to maneuver and unpack a boxed mattress than lug around a big mattress that might not even fit in through your door.

If you are also in need or excited about a new mattress, you would not need to wait for how many days for delivery since these boxed mattresses could be delivered immediately at your doorstep since they are already compressed. No need to wait for trucks to be scheduled for delivery in your area since a car would be sufficient enough to make the delivery. Or, if the seller permits, you could even pick up the product from their warehouse since these boxed mattresses are manageable to haul.

Boxed mattresses are free to try

Similar to conventional mattresses, boxed mattresses are also free to try. However, not all stores that sell these boxed mattresses offer a trial period. Those that do offer though, give a generous sleep trial that lasts for a number of days. If and when you feel the mattress is not a good fit for you, you could return it for a full refund.

Of course, you could not put the mattress back in the “box” where it came from but there is no need to worry since the company would collect it as it is. These mattresses that have undergone trial would usually be donated or sold at a discount price to the company’s employees.

There are still disadvantages to purchasing boxed mattresses but if you are on a budget and or living in a cramped space, they still offer a sweet deal that you should avail of.

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