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Why Should You Choose To Install Hands-Free Auto Doors?

If preventing germs from spreading in your business building is your main concern these days, you should be familiar with installing hands free auto doors. You may not know, but these automated doors are mainly used in nursing homes, industries, and hospitals, keeping in mind the spreading of germs.

Most importantly, the hands free auto doors offer a range of solutions that enable the hands-free operation of automatic doors, ensuring the safety of your occupants. These items are often used in areas where cleanliness is critical, such as toilets, hospitals, restaurants, and laboratories. They are a simple and efficient way to prevent virus or germ cross-contamination on doorknobs in locations like elder living facilities, industries, and hospitals.

The best part about using these automated doors is that they open and close independently without any manual work. There is no need to push or pull and use hands; instead, the door will open and close behind when the person passes through. Now, automatic doors usually need a card entry, key, fingerprint, or code to be entered for the door to open. But, as people are more into safer doors, hands free auto doors are becoming the new trend.

These doors are operated by motion a sensor, which means one will not require any card or key to enter through the door. There are several benefits of these kinds of doors, like:

Offers utmost safety and hygiene

One of the biggest reasons why hands free auto doors are so popular is that they do not require one to touch the door. The sensor will open the hands free auto doors, and one will not have to touch any keypad, bio metric pad, or even door. This makes the entire setup much more hygienic and safe.

Disability access

Hands free auto doors make the property disable friendly and add a new layer of reputation and impression on the property. There is no need to use hands while opening the door; it can be accessed easily without any struggle.

Energy saving

When the doors tend to open and close all the time, the cost of the air conditioning tends to go up considerably. Also, this can be an issue in case the door tends to remain open for too long. All this cost can be reduced significantly with the help of a hands-free auto door. These hands free auto doors tend to remain closed, and thus, there is no loss of heat or cool air from the premises.

Variety of styles and designs

When it comes to automatic doors, there are several types that one can choose from. The same goes for hands free auto doors as well. There are sliding doors, revolving doors, swinging doors, and folding doors, which one can choose from. There are several types of doors that one can pick from; this gives a certain freedom in terms of aesthetics. One can choose the type of door that is more appropriate for the property, safety requirements, and the traffic that will pass through the door.

Works smoothly

Last but not the least, one can always be assured that these hands free auto doors are fast to open. This means will not have to wait for too long for the door to open. These doors tend to sense the movement from a certain distance and thus will open right on time. Also, one can easily access the doors if one is carrying things and does not have a free hand.

Final Words

These features and benefits make these types of hands free auto doors easily accessible and efficient in functioning and safety. Also, these doors are easy to maintain and can be serviced easily.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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