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Why do your products’ sheets feature e-commerce-specific writing from a web editor?

Do you manage an e-commerce site? Then you know the importance of product sheets. They are the most visited pages of an online store. Some sellers think that a photo accompanied by the technical characteristics of their merchandise is enough to satisfy their prospect. But as you surely know, online competition is fierce. Also, if you want to stand out from your competitors on the same product, you will have to seduce your visitors so that they decide to make their purchases. On your site and not on someone else’s. Do you still think that it is more interesting to write your product sheets yourself? Simplify your life! Here are 3 reasons to hire a product sheet web editor.

1 – Save time to focus on your online business

Time is a rare and precious commodity when running an online store. You may therefore be reluctant to incur costs for work that you are theoretically capable of performing yourself. This is understandable! But, if you’re not a writer at heart, you run the risk of wasting time, money… and perhaps also losing patience!

For this reason, it is important to know how to delegate. Delegate, yes, but not to just anyone! Calling on a specialist in writing product sheets will free you from this tedious constraint. Once you have given your instructions (tone to use, length of the form, target client, etc.), you will no longer have to worry about the execution of this time-consuming task. You can then devote yourself serenely and fully to your business!

Also note that, if you save time thanks to your ebook writers, your client will save it too! Indeed, the Internet user looking for a product is like you: he has no time to lose. However, nothing is more annoying than an incomplete, poorly written or imprecise file. Don’t forget that with just one click, you can leave your site. So, before you decide to write your listings yourself, consider the time and the benefits you will save if you entrust this task to a real writing specialist such as ebook writers!

2 – Convince thanks to quality texts written by a web editor product sheet

The texts that describe the goods of your e-shop play the same role as the packaging of a product in a shop window. The more it catches the eye, the more you want to buy it. Good product sheets cannot therefore be content with listing insipid technical characteristics. And it is your specialized web editor who, thanks to his sharp pen, will attract the attention of your prospects by providing texts worthy of interest. So, what skills can be required of him to obtain quality product sheets?

Impeccable spelling and syntax

The quality of the form plays an essential role. Yes! Even in a product sheet, finding spelling errors can greatly annoy your potential customer, and worse, damage the image and seriousness of your company.

Texts that are out of the ordinary

What could be more boring than flat texts similar to those of your competitors? A good web editor will take the time to understand who your customers are and what their expectations are. It will identify the keywords that your prospects are likely to type into search engines and then use the appropriate tone. Powerful and original words will help your prospects project themselves with your products. In addition, they will give your sheets a much higher quality than basic sheets which often only repeat the descriptions given by the suppliers.

Unique records

In addition to an optimized and structured layout, your product sheets should stand out for their uniqueness. However, duplicate content (duplicated content) is the trickiest trap to circumvent when writing product sheets.

Very often, as an e-commerce owner, you decide to de-index all your listings so as not to risk being penalized by Google. This is not always necessary. Indeed, a good ebook writers will create unique listings that will set you apart from the competition and allow you to hold the attention of your potential customers. He will know how to be imaginative and will take care in his texts to offer, for example, tailor-made advice on the use of a product. Personalizing the content of your files will then have a better chance of reaching your prospects who will feel directly concerned.

3 – Boost your conversion rate with a web editor specializing in e-commerce

Even if your site receives a lot of visits, you know the importance of the conversion rate, that is to say the percentage of passage to the purchase after visiting a page. And that’s the goal of your product sheets: to get that long-awaited click that converts a prospect into a customer! In this context, your e-commerce ebook writers not only has the role of writer, he also has that of salesman. He will therefore highlight his skills in writing, but also in copywriting. So how will he go about it?

Image indexing and optimization

It is important to have a neat visual to attract the attention of the Internet user. But to also please Google and boost your natural referencing, your copywriting specialist will ensure the indexing and optimization of the images chosen. Google robots are fond of these short and meaningful descriptions! These image-related texts help them better understand what your site is about. It would therefore be a shame to miss out on the possibility of increasing your traffic and boosting your conversion rate in turn!

“Marketing is not a battle of product, but of perception. » Rise & Jack Trout

Copywritten texts

A good product sheet web editor will also be a good copywriter. Thanks to his knowledge of web marketing, he will be able to apply the AIDA method to write his files.

Thus, he will be able to highlight your articles and highlight all their benefits. It will show your future customer what solutions your products will bring to their problems. And, if his argument is convincing and perfectly targets your prospect, then he will trigger in him the famous desire to obtain what you sell on your platform: the customer will buy. Ultimately, it’s all about perception: the same product sold on another site may seem totally tasteless to an Internet user if the wording of the descriptive text is not copywritten!

Integration of forms in a virtuous loop

To increase the rate of passage to purchase on your site, your editor will take care of the context in which your product sheets evolve. Specialized in e-commerce, he will be keen to work on your category pages in order to optimize them and thus promote their natural referencing. Your site traffic will only be better off and visitors will discover your products more naturally.

He will then take care of your internal networking by referring your potential customer to other products that may be of interest to him. And since he will have carefully studied the profile of your ideal clientele beforehand, his actions will be all the more effective and targeted.

Finally, he will make sure to integrate customer reviews into your product sheets. They are a marketing lever not to be underestimated. Indeed, in 2020, according to a study carried out by the IFOP (French Institute of Public Opinion) on behalf of the company Opinion System, 87% of French people indicated that they looked at customer reviews before making a purchase decision.

All these actions will increase your traffic and encourage the arrival of potential customers on your merchant pages.

As you will have understood, writing product sheets cannot be improvised. It requires real skills and real knowledge in writing, but also in marketing. A specialist will therefore save you time, offer you quality service and help you boost your sales. Basically, your product page web editor will be like the first salesman in a store: he is the one who will welcome your customers and present your products to them in an effective and positive way to encourage them to make a purchase. It is a key partner, endowed with multiple qualities that will serve your company and your interests, a Swiss army knife partner to choose with care and to welcome very quickly into your team!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan CEO at blogili.com. Have 4 years of experience in the websites field. Uneeb Khan is the premier and most trustworthy informer for technology, telecom, business, auto news, games review in World.

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