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Why Do I Need To Prime My Coil? | smok nord coils

Anyone can get overwhelmed when stepping their first step into the vaping world and listening to all the technical terms, such as changing the atomiser, refilling tanks and priming the coil. We are trying to settle down your thoughts and provide all the vape information to you. For your assistance, we are here today to discuss Smok nord coils priming.

Priming the coil holds the most importance in your overall vaping experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a disposable vape, pod Mod vape system or a vape pen; your vape coil needs to be primed. This article will highlight the most common questions about the coil and its priming details. 

Understanding The Coil Priming Process

Priming means to prepare something to be of use or come to action. Priming the coil means saturating the coil of your vape with the E-liquid. It will help you avoid uncomfortable feelings of dry and burnt hits. Also, a primed coil will allow you to vape with a full, intensified flavour from the first hit. 

  • It only takes a few minutes and results in a good vaping experience, so don’t ignore it!

The Best Way of Coil Priming

The best way to prepare your vape device for optimal usage is defined below.

When refilling your vape tank, navigate the holes on the atomiser head and drop a few drops of E-liquid on it. Moreover, add a few more drops of E-liquid to the cotton wick to get saturated and primed. Stop adding the E-juice on the cotton wick when you feel the cotton has stopped absorbing it. 

If you are using a disposable vape, there’s no need for refilling because they come in a built-in sealed pack E-liquid tank design. However, if you own a modern vape device such as a vape Pod system or vape Mod system, you can add the refills in your tank when the E-liquid finishes.

Although, there are two times of coil priming. You must prime your coil by turning your vape device on a few minutes before your first puff. This action will let your disposable vape coil absorb the E-juice adequately and prepare for a nice puff. 

How Much Time Does The Coil Require To Saturate?

The modern vape world has several devices, most of which have different atomiser head designs. Some of the vapes take longer to absorb the E-liquid; however, some only take a minute or two. However, on average, let your voopoo vinci coils sit and prime for around 10 minutes. 

What Happens If You Don’t Prime Your Coil?

Not priming your coil isn’t the type of mistake you want to make in your life. An unprimed vape device can give you unpleasant dry hits and burn hits. Both of them are experiences that can sabotage anyone’s vaping experience permanently. 

Moreover, your smok rpm 2 coils health will be negatively affected by this action. Continuous dry hits can exhaust your mood, badly affect your throat, and ruin your coil by overheating it. 

Ensure that your vape coil, atomiser head, and cotton wick are saturated entirely before you turn on the device and heat it.

How Often Do You Need To Prime Your Coil?

Whenever you know you’re going to vape, turn the device on 10 minutes prior and let it prime. Moreover, keep checking your E-liquid quantity in the tank so that it won’t finish because an empty tank can also give you dry and burnt hits. 

Ensure that you check the tank weekly and refill it whenever needed. However, with disposable vapes, don’t worry about checking the tank health; just buy another device when your E-liquid finishes. 

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