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Why You Need to Download Your Facebook Data

Do you have Facebook friends who don’t like your posts or even unfriend you? Perhaps you saw a post that made you angry. Maybe your friend linked to an article you didn’t care for, and so you unfriended them from your Facebook account.

Perhaps someone posted something controversial that questioned the validity of your religion, and so now all of their friends have blocked you from seeing each other’s updates.

Or maybe something completely unexpected happened that forced you to grab all of your data from Facebook and delete your account.

You might have made up your mind to leave Facebook for some reason. However, you may never want to take your hands off the important updates that you have been posting for several years.

There could be countless reasons for downloading your FB data, and in this quick guide, we’ll let you know about some of the important ones. Furthermore, you will see an efficient way to download FB videos without wasting time.

Reasons to Download FB Data

1.   It’s your data

The first reason you should download your Facebook data is that it is your property. You paid for it with time, energy, and resources, so you should be able to control how others use this information.

You can’t just ignore the fact that you are giving Facebook permission to share, store and use your data. That’s why you need to download your data. You also have the option of removing all of your data from Facebook altogether if you prefer.

2.   It can help protect yourself

The second reason why you need to download your Facebook data is that it can help you protect yourself from having unwanted advertisements shown on your timeline or being targeted with ads based on what you have posted on other social media platforms, such as Twitter or Instagram.

The thing about Facebook is it’s a social platform. That means you are more likely to interact with people there than on any other social network.

This means that you have more of your personal information stored on Facebook than on any other site. This can make it easier for hackers to get at this information, and because it’s so public, it makes you a bigger target. By downloading your FB data, you can feel protected.

3.   To remember good times

One of the most important reasons to download your FB data is to remember good times. You might have been using this particular social media platform for several years. Would you not like to keep a record of what you have posted? Of course, you’d like to do that.

Downloading FB data is a great way to make a repository of golden memories that you have shared with loved ones. There must be dozens of videos and photos that you would never like to go wasted.

4.   To be on the safe side

Facebook has a lot of data about you. They can even tell what you’re thinking by tracking your likes and dislikes.

Facebook knows where you live. They know who you’re friends with and who you aren’t. They know your birthday, where you grew up, and where you went to school.

The thing is, Facebook doesn’t need this information to make money. It’s all in the name of advertising. And they do it very well. But there are plenty of people like me who don’t want ads targeted at them, whether or not those ads are relevant to their interests.

So here’s what you can do: you can download your Facebook data so that you can delete your account later on if you want to.

5.   You can leave Facebook forever

If you don’t want to worry about deleting your account, then you can freeze or deactivate it. This will prevent anyone from accessing your account but you. If someone has already accessed your account, they can unfreeze it and continue using it as normal.

However, deactivating your FB account is a great way to stop others from seeing what’s posted on your timeline. Well, that’s not the solution if you are aiming to delete your account permanently.

You can only feel free to delete an account when you have downloaded all of your desired stuff.

How to download FB videos before deleting your account?

Keeping in mind the above-stated reasons, you need to have a backup of your important FB data. However, how would you do that?

That question is valid since FB does not allow downloading videos, reels, or stories. Well, there’s a solution to this problem.

Use an online FB Video Downloader

If you have been looking to find a feasible solution, then chances are you might have come across a lot of options. Nevertheless, you are not supposed to put your trust in all of them since not every single solution has to be the solution you are looking for.

Luckily, using an online fb video downloader can be the answer to all your queries related to downloading Facebook videos.

This is by far the quickest and most efficient way of downloading Facebook reels, stories, and videos. The reason why we consider it as the preferable way out is that it’s simple to use.

A person who is not tech-savvy can easily grab his favorite videos from Facebook. You don’t have to download or install anything application to make that happen. Just visit the tool online and start getting videos right away. It all works in a couple of easy steps.

Step 1: Visit the Facebook video downloader and paste the URL of the video that you wish to download.

Step 2: Select your preferable video quality (generally 720p or 1080p) and right-click on the video to choose ‘Save As’.

Save the destination where you want to save the video, and there you have it. That’s how easily you can get your hands on FB videos without downloading or installing anything on your device.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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