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Who Is The Targeted Audience For Vaping? | power vape

If you go through the smoking statistics from a few years back, you will notice a relatively higher number than today. But a significant reduction in smoking has been observed after the introduction of vape devices, the best alternative to conventional cigarettes. Although other nicotine replacement therapies were in use, they could not satisfy smokers properly.

Why Vaping Was Introduced:

The objective of manufacturing an identical alternative to smoking was to help smokers quit smoking effectively. So, the target audience of vape devices was and still is regular smokers. Non-smokers are not encouraged to vape unless they consider starting to use traditional cigarettes. The history of smoking goes back a long way, unlike vaping devices like Power Vape, Crystal Pro Bar, and Elux Legend Mini, which have been here for just a couple of decades. 

Initially, smoking was an expensive hobby and was the hobby of aristocrats or the big shots. The rise in the use of tobacco started with the industrial revolution. Smoking was seen to increase workers’ efficiency by making them more energetic and active. After that, more and more people started loving traditional cigarettes due to their apparent benefits, ignorant of their hazardous effects. 

Smoking & The Quitting Struggle:

Even when smoking was noted to cause chronic illnesses, people could not leave it by sheer will because of nicotine addiction. If an individual decided to quit smoking one day, they would face severe withdrawal symptoms and eventually succumb to the temptation. Nicotine in itself is not a toxic element; it is just psychoactive, thus, making the brain dependent on it to release happy hormones. 

The major problem was that cigarette smoke contained thousands of toxic chemicals aside from nicotine, such as tar, carbon monoxide, etc. Therefore, alternative methods were necessary to help people quit smoking. 

Reason For Vaping As The Best Alternative To Smoking:

Vape devices like orange county cbd disposable, Crystal Pro Bar, Elux Legend Mini, Power Vape, etc., are the best-known and most practical alternatives to regular cigarettes due to following reasons:

  • Vaping offers a cig-a-like experiment, thus, providing maximum satisfaction to ex-smokers. 
  • A measured quantity of nic salt is added to e-liquids, making users aware of how much they inhale. It gives them the opportunity to control their nicotine levels, so the chances of decreasing nicotine intake over time increase significantly.
  • Vape clouds do not contain the large number of extremely harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke, like tar, carbon dioxide, etc. Vaping is 95% safer than smoking, as proved by many research institutes and public health authorities like NHS England and the American National Academies of Sciences and Medicine.
  • The battery and coil in the Crystal Pro Bar heat the e-liquid to convert it into vapours.
  • The vapours produced by heating the e-liquid do not adversely affect the environment and surrounding people.
  • Vape liquids are available in a massive variety of fruity, dessert, candy, and beverage flavours. Thus vapours do not create a pungent scent, unlike cigarette smoke. 

Cap-Up Lines:

Vaping is much safer than smoking, no matter which aspect you look from. The audience targeted for Elux Legend Mini, Power Vape, and other vaping kits is smokers struggling to get out of nicotine addiction. The authorities have also set a minimum age requirement for the sale and purchase of e-cigarettes; the age limit in England is eighteen years.

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