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What is the importance of Coil in the Vape? | vape coils

If you’ve been using your disposable vapes for a while now, it’s time you shift to something more durable and long-lasting. As a beginner or pro-vaper, there are some essential points about vape devices that you should know—the vaping ethics, nicotine content awareness, vape device parts, and their roles separately. 

Let’s talk about coils today. Read below to find out what coils are, the types of coils, and other details related to vape coils. Let’s dive in!

What Is a Coil?

The coil is present beneath the e-liquid tank. Its role is to heat the tank filled with e-liquid. That heat vapourises the liquid and creates a vapour that you inhale. You can say that vape coils are one of the primary things that should be looked after for having a great vaping experience. 

Types of Coils:

There are plenty of coils–and we’re not just talking about different brands of coils, but coils differ in functionality. Lots of innovative types of coils are present, even you can buy a vape device with multiple coils with it. The vape market is roaming with standard vape coils like those in disposable vapes. However, some modern coils use ohm’s law to function. Let’s discuss both in detail. 

  • Sub-ohm Coils

Sub-ohm coils follow ohm’s law. These coils have low resistance, less than 1.0ohms, which means more current can go through the wires. These coils require more wattage power and more battery to use. 

Sub-ohm vapes work perfectly for ghost cloud lovers. They support the high VG content the best and vaporize it for vapour to create an enormous vapour. If you also love making big clouds of opaque vapour, get yourself a sub-ohm device.

  • Standard Coils 

Standard coils are high-resistance coils that let the less current pass through the wires. They need power to operate–leading to less battery usage. Smok coils are present in most of the vapes available in the market, such as vape Pod systems, vape Mod systems, vape pens, disposable vapes, and all others. 

They support the e-liquids with 50/50 VG and PG content. However, they also efficiently support high PG concentrations such as 70PG/30VG e-liquids because VG has a lower viscosity and vaporizes with low wattage power. 

The Significance of Priming the Coil 

Priming the coil is more significant than any other maintenance activity of the vape devices. If you don’t prime the coil, you’ll get dry and burnt hit–something that is not a pleasant feeling. It can sabotage your overall vaping experience. You might leave vapes and be triggered back to smoking because burnt hits are very unpleasant. 

To avoid these experiences, turn on your device before your puffs. It will help the coil heat up the saturated wick and prepare a good puff for you. Moreover, if you’re refilling your e-liquid tank, add a few drops on the atomizer head and the cotton wick, too, so they prepare the coil to turn on and heat the pre-soaked e-liquid. 

The Life of Coil 

Yes, your coil has a limited life. However, disposable vapes don’t need to change voopoo coils because they have built-in e-liquid tanks and vape coils. But other modern vape devices, such as vape Mod systems, might need coil changing.

A new coil can last a week or two, depending upon your usage quantity, because every time you take a puff, a little residue of e-juice gets stuck inside the coil. Slowly, those little bits of juice increase and cover all the coil making it weak and unable. So, you should clean your coil more often; if not, then change the coil when needed. 

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