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Why Choose Flutter for Your Next Project?

There are many reasons to choose Flutter for your next app development project. One of the reasons is that it is open source, and you can quickly build a high-quality, natively compiled app for iOS and Android. And that too without having to write the code for two apps separately. 

Likewise, many more reasons make Flutter the viable choice for your next big project. Let’s explore. But before that, let’s know what Flutter is.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform software development kit that has various powerful tools to make your application innovative and fully-functional mobile applications. Several leading mobile app designers use this app to gain complete freedom to develop an app with one single codebase. Also, Flutter helps developers to create a stunning mobile app UI that looks and feels natively. 

Additionally, Flutter is the only framework with a mobile SDK that offers a responsive design without using a Javascript bridge, surpassing the performance of its cousin and main competition, React Native. It connects well with the software on various platforms, including Google Fuchsia, Android, iOS, and Linux.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Flutter for Your Mobile App Development 

Here are some of the top reasons why leading mobile app design service providers are choosing Flutter:

Use Singular Codebase

Flutter is the only platform that solves all the challenges of developers by achieving writing once and running on several platforms. It helps the developer to build an application with a single codebase. 

Flutter uses a single platform-agnostic codebase and allows developers to build a rated application for both iOS and Android. These applications are versatile and come along with an eye-catching user interface. 

Helps Create High-Performing Mobile App

Dart is one of the biggest reasons most people choose Flutter over other applications. It is one of the few programming languages that is beyond time and considered fast. Moreover, Flutter has its rendering engine called Skia. Yes, you heard right, Skia. It is one of the powerful tools that can render itself onto the provided platform. With Skia, the UI can stick to any of the virtual interfaces. 

Abundant With Powerful Tool

The tool Flutter is abundant with powerful tools that allow developers to build a robust app for the web, embedded devices, and desktops using a single codebase. Here is the name of such tools:

Visual Studio Code: Visual studios code is an editing and debugging tool that allows developers to build an innovative application. 

Flutter SDK: The flutter software development kit is another important tool packed with commands that give developers the power to create a fully functional and out-of-the-box app. 

Widgets: Widgets are the building block of the Flutter application. It gives developers the liberty to build an app that gives users a mind-blowing experience. 

UI Library: Flutter is packed with myriads of elements. It contains UI elements like sliders, text inputs, and buttons. These elements are reusable and can meet up all your app requirements. 

Flutter is Quicker Than Any Other Application

One of the best things about Flutter is that it is quicker than any other framework. It supports AOT and JIT compilers, making the development process comparatively easier and faster. 

With Flutter, writing code specific to a particular platform is not needed. You can use any 2D-based UI, which can be implemented easily in Flutter without interacting with native app counterparts. 

Expressive & Flexible UI

Flutter possesses customizable widgets that help you develop an app that is appealing and has an intriguing design. Moreover, rich sets of material design widgets and Cupertino widgets give your app a more native and natural look. 

Using Flutter, you can also integrate dynamic interfaces to make your app ripe, promoting mature branding.

No Need to Worry About Testing

You know how monstrous the coding is! However, with Flutter, it becomes easy as it takes the load of creating the same code for two different platforms off. If you have the same code, there is no need to do double testing. Your work is easy, leading to an overall increase in productivity and performance. Moreover, ‘Hot Load‘ in the Flutter makes big fixes faster and easier, leading to a further drop in testing time. 

Perfect for MVP Development

Flutter is the ideal solution for MVP development because of its customizable UI, easy integration, quick turn-around, and superior performance. At the time of MVP development, developers typically lack both time and resources. 

The pre-made widgets and components that come with Flutter make it easier and faster for developers to create apps. Also, developers do not need to recompile the code while making modifications or fixing faults in the program. 

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Wrapping Up

These are the top seven arguments for selecting Flutter for your mobile app development project. In today’s world, user experience is vital. If you do it well, no one can stop you from controlling the market. Flutter’s impeccable features and great user experience make it the most sought-after framework on the market. 
Why not use this cutting-edge, developing technology to validate and profit from your app idea? Excellent Webworld is a leading Flutter app development company that builds state-of-the-art cross-platform apps for the iOS and Android operating platforms.

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